Bucatini Recipe with Sardines and Wild Fennel

Bucatini recipe with sardines and wild fennel

Quick Navigation Bucatini Recipe with Sardines and Wild FennelIngredientsInstructionsNotesNutrition With fresh sardines and wild fennel, this bucatini recipe has a few less common ingredients (outside of Italy, at least), though the extra search is worth it. Specialty Italian stores may have what you are looking for, or in a pinch, you can make a few […]

The Ultimate List Of Types of Pasta

List of Italian pasta shapes FB


Authentic Italian Steak Pizzaiola Recipe with Tomato Sauce

Steak Pizzaiola Recipe

Quick Navigation History of the dishAuthentic Steak Pizzaiola RecipeCooking MethodsHow do you serve Pizzaiola?Authentic Italian Steak Pizzaiola RecipeIngredientsInstructionsNotesNutrition If you have ever ordered steak pizzaiola from a restaurant menu expecting a traditional pizza to come your way, you were undoubtedly surprised by what you received. Steak pizzaiola does not resemble a modern day pizza in […]

Spaccatelle Pasta with Tuna, Artichokes, Olives and Capers

Spaccatelle pasta with Tuna Olives Artichokes Capers

Quick Navigation Spaccatelle Pasta with Tuna, Artichokes, Olives, and CapersIngredientsInstructionsNutrition For a quick weeknight supper that feels gourmet or an easy dish with which to impress guests, try making spaccatelle with tuna, artichokes, olives, and capers. The variety of textures and flavors in this recipe will surely leave you feeling satisfied. If you have difficulty […]

Stuffed Artichokes Recipe with Breadcrumbs and Meat

delicious stuffed artichokes

Quick Navigation History of the Artichoke in the Italian CuisinePreparing and CleaningStuffing the artichokesCooking Stuffed ArtichokesServingItalian Stuffed Artichokes RecipeIngredientsInstructionsNutrition An artichoke can be an intimidating vegetable. Not only does it’s spiky appearance make working with it seem daunting but it can be tough to know where to begin when making an artichoke. What parts are […]

Authentic Baked Ziti Recipe

Baked Ziti Recipe

Quick Navigation Baked Ziti – Ziti al FornoIngredientsInstructionsNutritionHistory Behind Baked ZitiThe NoodlesThe SauceThe Meat (or meats)The CheeseThe MethodEat it or Store it?Authentic Italian Baked Ziti Recipe   Print Recipe 4.67 from 15 votes Baked Ziti – Ziti al Forno This baked ziti (ziti al forno) recipe is a delicious way to cook and enjoy pasta. […]

The Best Kitchen Knife Set Ultimate Guide – No Kitchen Without Knife

Best Kitchen Knife set Buying guide

Quick Navigation What Knives Do I Need?What Should I Look for in a Knife?CostConstructionTangComfortWeightBalanceMaterialsSharpnessCare and MaintenanceStorageRecommended Knife SetsMessermeister San Moritz Elité 23-Piece Knife Block SetProsConsBenefitsMercer Culinary Genesis 6-Piece Forged Knife Block Set, Tempered Glass BlockProsConsBenefitsVictorinox 8-Piece Knife Block SetProsConsBenefitsZwilling J.A. Henckels Four Star 3pc Knife SetProsConsBenefitsWusthof Classic 7-piece Slim Knife Block Set (Cherry)ProsConsBenefitsChicago Cutlery Insignia2 […]

Traditional Veal Saltimbocca Recipe

Veal Saltimbocca - Saltimbocca alla romana

Quick Navigation What is Veal Saltimbocca?Origins of Veal SaltimboccaWhat To Serve With Veal SaltimboccaHow To Make Veal SaltimboccaOur Recipe for Veal SaltimboccaTraditional Veal Saltimbocca RecipeIngredientsInstructionsNutrition What is Veal Saltimbocca? Meaning literally “to jump in mouth,” saltimbocca is an iconic Roman dish traditionally made with veal, prosciutto, and fresh sage leaves in a delicate white wine […]

Authentic Cavatelli and Broccoli Recipe

Sauteed cavatelli and broccoli is easy to make and perfect for vegetarians.

Quick Navigation Now, what is Cavatelli?The Pasta of Many NamesWhat is the difference between gnocchi and cavatelli?How to make Cavatelli?Authentic Cavatelli and Broccoli RecipeIngredientsInstructionsNotesNutrition When you mention pasta, what usually comes to mind for many people is Italian cuisine. As a matter fact, pasta has always been associated with Italy and Italian cooking. To be […]

Authentic Italian Pizza Dough Recipe

The real neapolitan Pizza Margherita

Quick Navigation Authentic Italian Pizza Dough RecipeIngredientsInstructionsNutrition We talk all the time about how great homemade food is, not just because we consider cooking to be a relaxing and satisfying experience, but because it’s so much more budget-friendly than going out and spilling all your money at a fancy restaurant. Plus, it never hurts getting […]

Marinara Sauce Recipe with San Marzano Tomatoes

Marinara Sauce Recipe

Quick Navigation Origins of MarinaraBasic IngredientsThe Mighty TomatoMarinara MethodMarinara UsesThe Master RecipeAuthentic Marinara Sauce RecipeIngredientsInstructionsNotesNutrition Having a wide variety of Italian pasta sauce recipes at your fingertips is necessary for any chef especially a great marinara sauce recipe which is the key to unlocking a whole world of amazing cooking. Marinara is so versatile that […]

What Prosciutto Is and Why It Should Become a Key Ingredient In Your Weekly Diet

what is prosciutto

Quick Navigation What Is Prosciutto?The History Of Prosciutto How Is Prosciutto Made?What Is Protected Designation of Origin?What Is The Best Way To Eat Prosciutto?What Is The Difference Between Prosciutto and Pancetta?What is the Nutritional Value Of Prosciutto?Is Prosciutto Gluten Free?Why Is Prosciutto So Expensive?Types of ProsciuttoProsciutto CrudoProsciutto CottoProsciutto di ParmaProsciutto di San DanieleProsciutto di ModenaProsciutto […]

Authentic Pasta Al Pomodoro Recipe

Pasta al pomodoro recipe

Quick Navigation Pasta al Pomodoro RecipeIngredientsInstructionsNutritionFew tips and tricks to cook the perfect pasta al pomodoro recipeWhat is Pasta al Pomodoro?Pomodoro: The Golden AppleA Bit of History: The Origins of Tomato in Italy A great example of authentic Italian cuisine is pasta in tomato-based sauce. In this article, we shall be looking into a Pasta […]

Authentic Italian Sfogliatelle Recipe

Authentic Italian Sfogliatelle recipe

Quick Navigation Italian Sfogliatelle: The Origin StoryThe Many Different Sfogliatelle TodaySfogliatelle: The Energy BoosterAuthentic Italian Sfogliatelle RecipeIngredientsTHE DOUGHTHE FILLINGFOR BRUSHING/TOPPINGInstructionsVideoNutrition If you have visited the Campania region, then you must have encountered this curious-looking puff pastries called sfogliatelle. And yep, that’s not a typo, no matter how the spellcheck may tell you otherwise. That is […]

Italian Main Dishes You Won’t Believe That Are Actually A Thing

Lasagna is among the Italian Main Dishes.

Quick Navigation 1) LASAGNE EMILIANE2) TRENETTE AL PESTO3) SPAGHETTI AMATRICIANA4) MALTAGLIATI SHRIMP AND ZUCCHINI5) LA FIORENTINA6) SAGNE E FAGIOLI7) CANEDERLI IN BRODO8) TRIPPA ALLA ROMANA Italian cuisine needs no introduction. It’s famous around the world, for all the right reasons. We love their pasta, their soups, their Tiramisu—there’s just nothing they can do wrong. Their […]

Authentic Italian Struffoli Recipe

Authentic Struffoli Recipe

Quick Navigation What is Struffoli?A Bit of HistoryStruffoli, Cicerchiata, and Other Sweet TreatsAuthentic Struffoli RecipeEasy Struffoli RecipeIngredientsInstructionsMixing the doughFrying the dough ballsGlazing the dough ballsNutrition There’s no denying that Italian cuisine is among the most popular in the world. Many international chefs have certainly mentioned that often enough. And the number of Italian restaurants you […]

What is Risotto? And How Do You Make Risotto? Simple!

What is risotto

Quick Navigation The Truth about RisottoThe History of RisottoHow to Make RisottoRisotto with peasIngredientsInstructionsNotesNutritionSome Useful Tips in Cooking Risotto1. Avoid Too Mushy Rice2. Look for Short-Grain3. The Right Wine 4. Don’t Forget the Tostatura Technique5. Don’t Drown the Rice6. Follow the Right OrderIs Risotto Gluten-free?Famous Risotto RecipesRisotto alla MilaneseRisotto ai FunghiRisotto al Nero di SeppiaRisotto alla […]

An Easy and Delicious Cioppino Recipe


Quick Navigation What is Cioppino?Some Bit of History:How to Make Cioppino?An Easy and Delicious Cioppino RecipeIngredientsInstructionsNutritionAdditional Cooking Tips:What to serve with Cioppino? Considered mainly as an Italian-American variant of the many fish and seafood stews in Italian cuisine, cioppino is also quite a popular dish for the holiday season, especially the Feast of the Seven […]

How to Make Calamari Ripieni? | Italian Stuffed Calamari Recipe

Calamari Ripieni

Quick Navigation Health Benefits of SquidA Good Source of ProteinLow in Fat and CaloriesLow in Mercury ContentAn Array of Vitamins and MineralsHow to Make Calamari Ripieni?How to Make Calamari Ripieni?IngredientsInstructionsNutritionSome Notes: Calamari Ripieni is traditional dish is typically from the autonomous island-region of Sicily. There are also some versions of this in Calabria and Puglia. This recipe, […]

Authentic Italian Antipasto Salad Recipe

This authentic Italian Antipasto Salad Recipe has more than meets the eye.

Quick Navigation Authentic Italian Antipasto Salad RecipeIngredientsTo marinateInstructionsNutrition Oh, the nerve!! Actually, nervetti. Wait, what? What does that have to do with food? I thought eating good food warms the heart?! Okay, enough with the mystery. Today, we’re going to talk about an authentic Italian antipasto salad recipe also known as insalata di nervetti. But what exactly […]

How to Make Baccalà alla Napoletana?

Baccalà alla Napoletana

Quick Navigation Baccalà: Some Interesting FactoidsThings You Need to Know Before Cooking Baccalà:How to Make Baccalà alla NapoletanaHow to Make Baccala alla Napoletana?IngredientsInstructionsNutrition Another popular pescetarian dish for the Feast of the Seven Fishes is Baccalà alla Napoletana. As you might already know, baccalà or salt-cured cod is a favorite ingredient in various Italian cities, […]

Easy Octopus Salad Recipe

Octopus Salad

Quick Navigation The Healthy Goodness of OctopusEssential Tips when Cooking OctopusA Delectable Octopus Salad RecipeEasy Octopus Salad RecipeIngredientsInstructionsNutrition One of the main things in Italian cooking is the use of fresh ingredients, and that is the same thing you can expect from Calabrian food. A perfect example of this is Insalata di Polpo, otherwise known […]