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Risotto: The Quintessential Comfort Food

Risotto is among the most popular Italian dishes in the world today. This is probably why there are so many risotto recipes out there. It is also quite the quintessential comfort food, be it for Italians or Italian cuisine enthusiasts. And in many Italian restaurants, risotto dishes are among the highlights of the menu.

However, risotto recipes are really not that difficult to cook at home. And you can easily find simple risotto recipes out there in the vast digital space called internet.

In fact, Nonna Box has a collection of easy risotto recipes you can check out and try at home. And you need not be concerned whether the recipes really are easy to understand and make. Just be sure to have all the ingredients and equipment you need on hand. And then, simply follow the recipe instructions. And once you get the hang of it, risotto can be a great go-to meal for you and your family.

What is Risotto

What is risotto

When you hear the word “risotto,” the most common first assumption, of course, is that it’s Italian. Especially to those who haven’t heard the word before, the way it sounds clearly makes it a foreign term. And then when you google it, you’re given pictures of a variety of dishes that pretty much look like […]

Creamy Risotto with Edamame

Risotto with edamame

Find yourself with some lovely green edamame and don’t exactly know what to do with them? Well, how about making a bowl, or two, of creamy risotto with edamame then? But before we get right down to business, let us first find out what edamame is all about.   What is Edamame? Nope, it’s not […]

Risotto with fennel

risotto with fennel

Which vegetables do you usually add to your risotto? Of course, at the top of the go-to veggies list would be the “holy trinity” that is soffritto. Right? And maybe you add mushrooms and cheese, too. But have you ever tried cooking Risotto with Fennel before? If you haven’t, you should try it out. Need […]

Risotto with Chicken Breast

Risotto with Chicken Breast

One of the most versatile meats to cook with is chicken breast. Why versatile? Because of all the meats in the culinary world, it is like a tabula rasa, one that you can readily mold its flavor in any shape or form you want, so to speak.This very characteristic is what makes it a perfect […]

Risotto with Goat Cheese

Risotto with goat cheese

It’s no secret that cheese is quite an important part of Italian cuisine. So it’s no wonder that there would be risotto dishes with cheese as its main ingredient. In this post, we’ll be featuring Risotto with goat cheese. But before we proceed to the yummy recipe, let’s discuss some factoids about Italian goat cheese. […]

Risotto with ham

Risotto with Ham

Image Credit: Sebastian Mary, under Creative Commons License One of the distinct features of traditional Italian cooking is the high quality of the ingredients used in every dish. Risotto with ham, particularly prosciutto, is a great example of this. Not only will you get a lovely looking risotto, but also a poignantly flavorful dish with […]

Risotto with squid ink

Risotto al Nero di Seppia

One of the most quintessential Venetian dishes today, especially in the coastal areas, is Risotto al Nero di Seppia, or simply Risotto with squid ink in English. Influenced by its geography, a third of Venetian dishes have seafood in them. Take Risotto with Crabs for instance. But probably one of the most fascinating dishes from the Venetian coastal […]

Mushroom and Kale Risotto Recipe

Mushroom and Kale Risotto Recipe

Looking for some healthy fare for a dinner party for friends and family? How about you try making this Mushroom and Kale Risotto recipe dish, which would make a perfect primo dish, especially if you have vegetarians among your dinner party guests. Now, why exactly should you serve this risotto dish? Well, not only will […]

Risotto with crab

Miss our risotto recipes? Well, look no further. After our Risotto with English Peas recipe, today, you can check our Risotto con granchio recipe, a.k.a. Risotto with crab. Why this shellfish is good for you? It is common knowledge that most seafood is considered healthier fare compared to any kind of red meat. And crab […]

Risotto with English Peas Recipe

A perfectly delicious dish for spring, Risotto with English peas, is certainly an easy recipe to follow. But first, let’s examine why put English peas in your risotto, or in any culinary dish you cook.   Very Good Reasons for Peas You can reap a ton of health benefits from English peas. What are they? […]

Risotto with Vegetables Easy Recipe

Spring is almost here, and you’ll be able to easily get your hands on some fresh vegetables soon. If you’re living in an area with warm weather, or perhaps near a farmer’s market, then you shouldn’t wait. Check out another risotto recipe we have dug up from our archives: Risotto with Vegetables. As I’ve mentioned, […]

Risotto with Asparagus and Chicken Recipe

risotto recipe tipss

More primo dishes for your Italian dinners, let’s now present to you another risotto masterpiece, Risotto with Asparagus and Chicken. The Versatile Meat Chicken is among the most flavorful meats in the world. Why do you think chicken bouillon are among the most popular ingredients to main dishes? And if you have sampled an authentic […]

Risotto with Salmon Recipe

Another filling risotto dish you should try: Risotto with salmon. According to nutrition experts, salmon is one of the sea foods you should definitely be eating more of. Why? Because it does not only make your dishes richer, it’s also packed full of so many health benefits that health nuts the world over are touting […]

Risotto with porcini mushrooms

Risotto with porcini mushroom on wooden table

Risotto is one of the most popular ways to cook rice in Italy. In fact, all kinds of risotto dishes can be found in various regions of the country. However, it is more typically prepared in northern Italy than in other areas. Now, one such traditional risotto dish that came from northern Italy, particularly the […]

This Risotto With Saffron Recipe Is Probably Healthier Than You Thought

Here is something cool about risotto with saffron–it has THE SPICE. Saffron has always been considered an ingredient with medical benefits. It was used to cure colds, coughs and even scarlet fever and something you might not know is that it wasn’t always used as foot. As a matter of fact, it started out as […]