Authentic Italian Pizzelle Recipe – Ferratelle Abruzzesi

Authentic Italian Pizzelle Recipe - Ferratelle Abruzzesi

Quick Navigation What is Pizzelle?History of ferratelle: where did the pizzelle cookie come from?Pizzelle: The territory of originThe recipe for authentic Italian pizzelleA little note about Pizzelle The Ferratelle, or Pizzelle how everybody knows them in the US, are one of the most famous Christmas desserts still made today according to the ancient tradition of […]

Sauteed Mushrooms with Homemade Potato Chips [Funghi Trifolati]

Sauteed mushrooms over crostini

Mushroom trifolati, or funghi trifolati, or simply sauteed mushrooms is a common side dish throughout Italy. The name translates literally to “truffled mushrooms,” because the sauteed mushrooms in this dish so closely resemble truffles. I used a variety of wild mushrooms—porcini (if you are in abundance you can also check our risotto with porcini mushrooms recipe), […]