Creamy Gorgonzola Gnocchi and Sauce Recipe

Gnocchi Gorgonzola Recipe Sauce

Quick Navigation Gorgonzola Gnocchi Sauce RecipeIngredientsInstructionsNutrition Creamy yellow Gorgonzola, abundantly veined with a blue green mold,  can also be produced as an unaged paler, creamier version. Traditionally the cheese is made with raw cow’s milk and even sheep’s milk cheese varieties are available today. It’s been made outside Milano since the eighth century, when it was hung in huge […]

Italian Taralli Recipe – How to Make These Addictive Crackers

Italian Taralli Recipe Snacks

Quick Navigation TARALLI HISTORY AND ORIGINTARALLI PREPARATION Taralli Pugliesi RecipeIngredientsInstructionsNutrition There is no certainty about the origin of the word “Tarallo”, indeed there is considerable disagreement about where the word came from.  The origins are inspired by different languages ​​and the most accredited suggestions are the four listed below: – from the Greek daratos, a […]

Easy Chocolate Pudding Recipe – With Sexy Filling

Easy Chocolate Pudding Recipe

Quick Navigation Easy Chocolate Pudding Recipe with Sexy FillingIngredientsThe sexy fillingInstructionsNutrition   Print Recipe 5 from 1 vote Easy Chocolate Pudding Recipe with Sexy Filling This delicious dessert recipe is perfect for your romantic dinner! Prep Time20 minsCook Time15 minsTotal Time35 mins Course: DessertCuisine: ItalianKeyword: cacao, dessert, pudding Servings: 4 Calories: 1266kcal Author: Nonna Box […]

Fettuccine Recipe with Roasted Bell Peppers and Cherry Tomatoes

Fettucine Recipe with Bell peppers and cherry tomatoes

Quick Navigation Fettuccine with Roasted Bell Peppers and Cherry TomatoesIngredientsInstructionsFor the pastaNutrition I love the flavors and colors of vegetables in the Summer! Just seeing all the fresh and brightly-colored vegetables at the farmer’s market makes me want to create beautiful recipes. Roasting red peppers with the sweet cherry tomatoes, brings out their creaminess and flavor […]

Zabaglione Recipe – The Delicious Italian Yellow Custard

Zabaglione Recipe

Quick Navigation Zabaglione Recipe – Italian Sweet CustardIngredientsInstructionsNotesNutrition Zabaglione is traditionally served with fresh, ripe figs and, in Italy, is known as zabaione or zabajone – the name varies depending on the country. It may have originated in Venice where honey was used instead of sugar, but most likely Piedmont is the Italian region of origin. Some […]

Stuffed Shells Recipe with Ricotta, Prosciutto And Peas

Stuffed Shells with Ricotta Peas and Prosciutto

Quick Navigation Stuffed Shells Recipe with Ricotta, Prosciutto And PeasIngredientsFor the FillingFor the Tomato SauceInstructionsFor the FillingFor the Tomato SauceAssemblingNutrition Prosciutto and peas are meant to go together, there is even a famous pasta sauce that adds cream to these two ingredients. I was in an inventive mood, and instead of making the basic ricotta […]

Garganelli Pasta with Cream, Ham and Peas Recipe

Garganelli Pasta with Cream, Ham and Peas Recipe

Quick Navigation Garganelli Pasta with Cream, Ham & Peas RecipeIngredientsInstructionsNutrition The Italian region of Bologna is the home of fresh and filled pastas. They have the most unique shapes and each pasta shape compliments specific dishes to hold up to the different sauces. Garganelli looks similar to penne but it has a small flap and […]

Strozzapreti Pasta Recipe with Squid and Tomato Sauce

Strozzapreti Pasta with Squid Recipe

Quick Navigation Strozzapreti Pasta with Squid and Tomato RecipeIngredientsInstructionsFor the Squid SauceFor the PastaNotesNutrition Summertime in the Mediterranean brings back so many memories from when I was young. The freshest seafood prepared simply and elegantly. Not a long time ago at the fish market, I saw these beautiful squid and thought about creating a recipe […]

Tortelloni with Spinach and Ricotta Recipe with Butter Sage Sauce

Tortelloni With Ricotta and Spinach Recipe

Quick Navigation Tortelloni Recipe with Spinach and Ricotta FillingIngredientsFOR THE TORTELLONI DOUGHFOR THE FILLINGFOR THE SAUCEInstructionsFOR THE FILLINGFOR THE TORTELLONI DOUGHFOR THE BUTTER SAGE SAUCENutrition This dish is one of the most iconic recipes from Bologna. I was feeling nostalgic and wanted to create a traditional meal from scratch, that took me back to my […]

Pappardelle Pasta with Artichokes and Favas Beans and Prosciutto Recipe

Pappardelle pasta with Artichokes, fava beans and proscitto recipe

Quick Navigation Pappardelle Pasta with Artichokes, Favas Beans and Prosciutto RecipeIngredientsInstructionsNutrition Italians love artichokes. Throughout Italy, there are so many dishes with artichokes and they vary by region. You can find the famous Roman artichokes deliciously prepared in the Jewish Ghetto in Rome and you can find beautiful violet ones in Sicily. Just like in […]

Lobster Ravioli Recipe With Butter Sage Sauce – An Unforgettable Dish!

Lobster Ravioli Recipe With Butter Sage Sauce

Quick Navigation Lobster Ravioli Recipe With Butter Sage SauceIngredientsFOR THE RAVIOLI DOUGHFOR THE FILLINGFOR THE SAUCEInstructionsFOR THE FILLINGFOR THE RAVIOLI DOUGHFOR THE BUTTER SAGE SAUCENutrition Lobster ravioli is my favorite all-time recipe. Any ravioli dish is pretty special, little hand made pasta pillows filled with delicious filling, but when filled with fresh lobster, they become […]

The History of Coffee – Between Myth and Mystery

The History of Coffee - The Beginning

COFFEE LEGENDS AND HISTORY Legend has it that 1,200 years ago, Kaldi, an Abyssinian goatherd, discovered coffee berries in a forest in Ethiopia’s south-western highlands and tasted them. He loved the feel-good effect that followed & took them to a nearby monastery where he gave the head monk a handful of berries & told him about their miraculous effect. The […]

Bistecca alla Fiorentina Recipe (Florentine Steak)

Tasty Florentine Steak - Bistecca alla fiorentina recipe

Quick Navigation Bistecca Alla Fiorentina Recipe (Florentine Steak)IngredientsInstructionsPREPARE THE GRILLPREPARE THE STEAKCOOK THE BISTECCA ALLA FIORENTINANotes I have been to Tuscany several times during my childhood. However, I don’t remember much about those trips, but each time I’m Florence I remember a particular meal I had with my parents. Because it was an outstanding piece […]

The 10 Most Authentic Italian Street Food Markets

Italian Food Street Markets