Risotto with dried mushrooms

Keen to try your hand at making risotto? Here’s an easy-to-prepare and authentically Italian risotto recipe made with fragrant and flavorful porcini mushrooms. Print ContentsRisotto with dried mushroomsIngredientsInstructions Risotto with dried mushrooms Servings 4 Author NonnaBox Ingredients 1 liter vegetable broth 150 g dried porcini mushrooms 30 g butter 1 onion 3 sprigs of parsley […]

The Story of Your Nonna Box

Each month, your Nonna Box arrives with its delicious and story-filled products ready to transport you to Italy via your kitchen. It’s a seamless and tasty experience, and yet so many stars must align before you ever receive your box. Indeed, a couple months ago I struggled to snag the last imported batch of pizzoccheri anywhere in […]

One last taste of your Tuscan box

We’ve been so busy gearing up for Mother’s Day that we’ve hardly spent enough time oohing and ahhing over the Tuscany box itself. With that in mind, let’s chat about the remaining two of six products in this month’s box. First up is this herbed sea salt, a flavorful mix of Italian coarse sea salt, juniper, […]

Meet our Tuscan nonna

“I left Radda in Chianti this morning on the 7 a.m. coach and I arrived in Montepulciano around 11:30 a.m. Last night, I couldn’t sleep for excitement,” scrawled Nonna Gabriella in her diary on September 10th, 1955. She was traveling to this “foreign place,” as she described it, for a handicraft exhibition, but little did she know it would […]

Your Tuscan experience awaits

What comes to mind when you think of Tuscany? Perhaps big, postcard-worthy cities such as Florence, Siena or Pisa. Or maybe rolling landscapes quilted by never-ending vineyards and olive trees. Or, if you’re like me, your stomach does all the thinking, replacing those city and countryside visuals with imaginary aromas and flavors of freshly made […]

Bring Your Mom to Tuscany

Florence, Italy

When I arrive home in Italy, my mamma welcomes me with a hearty embrace and a kiss on my cheek. Not long after comes the true show of Italian mamma love: the food! Daily, for both lunch and dinner, she’ll make dishes such asravioli al ragú or coniglio all uvetta — the main ingredient always amore. […]

Focaccia Pugliese

Which ingredients do you like in your bread? In Focaccia Pugliese, you get not only the dimpled airy bread, but also fresh cherry tomatoes and the lovely aroma of oregano.   ContentsWhat is Focaccia?The Savory Focaccia PuglieseFocaccia PuglieseIngredientsInstructions What is Focaccia? Focaccia is a type of Italian bread that uses the same dough as pizzas. […]

Culinary love affair with Liguria

Last week, we began our culinary love affair with Liguria by introducing three of the coming box’s products — and this week we’re continuing the get-to-know-you session. First, meet, pesto. Pesto Genovese to be exact. You two have probably rendezvoused before over a bowl of fettuccini, but did you know that the nut- and basil-based green sauce originates from […]

A closer look at our next region: Liguria!

I don’t know about you all, but last week’s announcement about our Nonna Box-dedicated wine sommelier had me all kinds of excited — so excited, in fact, that I only briefly mentioned our monthly regional reveal. Now it’s time to give Liguria some love, don’t you think? The crescent-shaped region, which cuddles up against the northwestern […]

Italian food, history, recipes, and now WINE!

There’s one very important Italian product that I’ve long wanted to include in your Nonna Box: wine! But if you’ve received one of our product-packed boxes then you know there’s just no way to jam a bottle in there; trust me, I’ve tried. So, while I sipped on a glass of my home region’s Sangiovese […]

Risotto alla milanese con ossobuchi

Risotto alla milanese con ossobuchi

A wonderful fusion of two of Lombardy’s savory traditional dishes, Risotto alla milanese con ossobuchi is something your palate should definitely try. After all, nothing says Milanese soul food like this hearty plate of saffron-tinged risotto topped with ossobuchi, or cross-cut veal shanks. One of the key ingredients is, of course, a flavor-absorbing rice called carnaroli, which we […]

Authentic Italian Tiramisu Recipe: The Dessert That Will Be Gone In 3-2-1

An Authentic Italian Tiramisu recipe for the ages.

  Print ContentsAuthentic Italian Tiramisu RecipeIngredientsFor the coffee mixZabaioneLayersInstructionsFor the coffee dipFor the zabaione fillingLayering the cakeWHAT DOES TIRAMISU MEAN AND WHAT’S THE HISTORY BEHIND IT?WHERE DID TIRAMISU ORIGINATE?HOW IS TIRAMISU SERVED? Authentic Italian Tiramisu Recipe Course Dessert Prep Time 30 minutes Cook Time 5 hours Total Time 5 hours 30 minutes Servings 12 Author […]