Mushroom Lasagna Recipe – A Vegetable Lasagna

mushroom lasagna recipe

Quick Navigation Mushroom Lasagna RecipeIngredientsInstructionsFor the Mushroom Besciamella SauceAssemblingNutrition Lasagna and pizza are probably the most famous Italian imports, but are usually not translated authentically.Just as there is no pepperoni on pizza in Italy, there is no ricotta cheese in lasagna either. The entire city of Bologna would riot if you brought them a lasagna with […]

Pappardelle Pasta with Porcini Mushrooms & Leek

pappardelle pasta recipe with mushrooms and leeks

Quick Navigation Pappardelle Pasta with Porcini Mushrooms & LeekIngredientsInstructionsFor Porcini StockFor the BreadcrumbsFor the SauceNutrition I make fresh pasta from scratch every week. It reminds me of my Nonna who taught me how to make all the different shapes and varieties of pasta. This recipe combines some of my favorite ingredients, Porcini mushrooms, leeks and […]

Polenta with Pork Ragù Recipe | Simply Delicious

polenta with ragu

Quick Navigation Polenta with Pork RaguIngredientsSAUCEPOLENTAInstructionsFOR THE SAUCEFOR THE POLENTANutrition Polenta is made from corn meal that is an ancient peasant food—in Northern Italy it is made with a harder consistency, cut and grilled and topped with a sauce, while in the center and South, it is served creamy, almost like American grits. I made […]

Super Quick and Easy Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Chocolate mousse recipe

Quick Navigation Super Quick and Easy Chocolate MousseIngredientsTo DecorateInstructionsNutrition There’s no need to spend a fortune this time of the year and anyway, most of us have been affected by the economic downswing in some way or other, so we can’t. It is important, though, that we give ourselves some time to enjoy the company […]

17 Most Common Types Of Rice – A Brief History of Rice

Types of rice varieties

Quick Navigation SOME THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT RICETHE HISTORY OF RICEASIAAFRICAMIDDLE EASTEUROPECARIBBEAN ISLANDS AND THE AMERICASUNITED STATESTHREE MAIN CATEGORIES OF RICE17 MOST COMMON TYPES OF RICEArborioBasmatiBlackBombaBrownCarnaroliCarolinoKalijiraJasmineParboiledRed CargoRosemattaStickySushiVialone NanoWhiteWild One of my favorite winter comfort foods is risotto, and I love to order it when I’m in Italy. However, since I haven’t found a restaurant in […]

Types of Pepper Guide – History and Facts About the Peppercorn

Types of peppercorn

Quick Navigation THE LARGEST PRODUCER OF PEPPER IN THE WORLDTYPES OF PEPPERBlack pepperWhite pepperGreen pepperRed pepperAfrican Melegueta (Grains of Paradise)BRAZILIANLAMPONG (Indonesia)MALABAR (India)MUNTOK (Indonesia)PENJA (Cameroon)PINK (Reunion Island)SARAWAK (Malaysia)SICHUAN (China)TELLICHERRY (India)VIETNAMESE Black pepper originated in the monsoon forests of the Malabar Coast in southwestern India in prehistoric times; it has been used in Indian cooking for over […]

How to Make Homemade Mustard – DIY Mustard Recipe

homemade mustard recipe diy

Quick Navigation How to Make Homemade MustardIngredientsInstructionsNotesNutrition Making mustard is not only simple but is versatile – there are thousands of taste combinations that will suit whatever it is you’re cooking – so why limit yourself to store bought mustard? Mustard is made of a basic mixture that consists of dry mustard seeds, vinegar and […]

Chocolate Almond Limoncello Cake Recipe – Lemonilicious!

Chocolate Almond Limoncello Cake Recipe

Quick Navigation Chocolate Almond Limoncello CakeIngredientsInstructionsNutrition There is a restaurant in Naples called Limoncello and today we pay tribute to them – the food is always excellent, the pizza bianca they serve before the meal out of this world and they make the best grilled calamari around. They also make brilliant Limoncello and few people leave […]

Caprese Salad Recipe with Buffalo Mozzarella

Caprese Salad Recipe

Quick Navigation HOW IS MOZZARELLA CHEESE MADE?THE OTHER INGREDIENT: THE TOMATOCaprese Salad RecipeIngredientsInstructionsNotesNutrition If I was forced to choose a favorite cheese, I’d leave the room because it’s impossible so I’d have to choose a top 20 and, without doubt, good mozzarella will be one of them. Whilst many people believe that this cheese is […]

Delicious Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs Recipe

mozzarella stuffed meatballs recipe

Quick Navigation Polpette are meatballsPolpette with Mozzarella (Italian Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs)IngredientsInstructionsNutrition Polpette are meatballs Meatballs are served as a main dish or in soups all throughout Italy. Almost every country in the world has their own version of a meatball. Italian-Americans created their own main dish of meatballs served with spaghetti, which is something I had never seen before in Italy. […]

Sicilian Peperonata Recipe

Sicilian peperonata recipe

Quick Navigation Sicilian PeperonataIngredientsInstructionsNotesNutrition A good Sicilian peperonata is one of the most underrated and economical meals on menus today.  It’s a brilliant option for vegan and vegetarian guests and it’s truly easy on the pocket, an important factor nowadays. Peperonata can be eaten hot and at room temperature like its cousin caponata; the advantage […]

Torta della Nonna Recipe – Italian Pastry Cream Tart

Torta della Nonna Recipe

Quick Navigation Torta della NonnaIngredientsPastryFillingInstructionsNutrition Torta della Nonna is a traditional Roman and Tuscan dessert to be found in most Italian bakeries. Rome, the eternal city,  produces one version and Naples, the city for the sweet toothed on the Italian mainland, the other. The cake is delicious, similar to the Pastiera Napoletana and is made […]

Chicken al Mattone with Pancetta Recipe

Chicken al mattone recipe

Quick Navigation Chicken al Mattone with PancettaIngredientsInstructionsNotesNutrition I get a lot of emails asking for new chicken recipes, since it is the most popular meat in America. I took influence from my recent trip to Tuscany and found this simple and delicious recipe called Pollo al Mattone which means “chicken under a brick”…but I decided to eliminate the brick […]

Casatiello Napoletano – The Story Behind the Traditional Neapolitan Easter Recipe

Casatiello Neapolitan Easter Bread Recipe

Quick Navigation SWEET OR SALTY?THE ORIGINS OF THIS NEAPOLITAN EASTER BREADCASATIELLO ON EASTER TIME – WHY?Casatiello Napoletano – Neapolitan Stuffed Easter BreadIngredientsFor the doughFor the fillingInstructionsNotesNutrition The casatiello is a traditional Neapolitan bread that is made as part of Easter celebrations. Typically donut shaped, it features a mixture of water, lard, lots of pepper, and […]

Bavette Pasta with Pancetta and Pecorino Sardo Cheese

Bavette Pasta with Pancetta and Pecorino

Quick Navigation Bavette Pasta with Pancetta and Pecorino Sardo CheeseIngredientsInstructionsNutrition Like all other countries on earth, Sardinia has had her fair share of problem but it hasn’t had a negative effect on the people at all – they are extremely hospitable and generous to a fault and will invite a stranger into their homes to […]

The Different Types Of Tomatoes: The Ultimate Guide of Tomato Varieties

Types of Tomatoes

Quick Navigation HEALTH BENEFITS OF TOMATOESROMA TOMATOESSAN MARZANO TOMATOESCHERRY TOMATOES CAMPARI TOMATOESSANTORINI TOMATOESCAMONECUORE DI BUEDATTERINODI BELMONTEDI MANDURIAPACHINOPOMODORO VESUVIANO OR PIENNOLO For many people, if you were asked to name a fruit or vegetable that reminds you of a specific country, the humble tomato, would probably score very highly when discussing the country of Italy. The […]