“Pomodorini” Sliced Piennolo Tomatoes, D.O.P: Bulk

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“Pomodorini” Sliced Piennolo Tomatoes, D.O.P: Bulk

Each in its lovely glass jar, this “Pomodorini” Sliced Piennolo Tomatoes, D.O.P is from San Nicola dei Miri. The Piennolo tomatoes in this culinary creation are a specialty in the region. They grow in rich fertile soil near Mt. Vesuvius, which lends them quite a unique flavor.

How to use these gorgeous red Italian tomatoes? Simply cook the precious tomatoes in its own juice, making sure to reduce the water as you do so. You can serve them with any of your favorite pasta. You can also use them in all kinds of meat, vegetable, or seafood dishes, too!

There are so many things you can do with these gorgeous tomatoes. And fortunately, you can buy these jars in bulk. If you want, you can even order a year’s supply. So order now and stock up your pantry!

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 8 in


1 review for “Pomodorini” Sliced Piennolo Tomatoes, D.O.P: Bulk

  1. Maria

    A jar of Pomodorini and a bag of Penne pasta will definitely make your palate happy.

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