Dried “Puttanesca” Sauce Mix


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Dried “Puttanesca” Sauce Mix

This pack of Dried “Puttanesca” Sauce Mix is great for making one of the most popular Italian sauces today. It is by Calabrian jam and preserves expert Paradiso dei Golosi. This wonderful mix has bell peppers, capers, garlic, parsley, olives, onions, oregano, tomato flakes, and salt.

A fairly recent invention, it was not “ladies of the night” that actually concocted the puttanesca sauce. It was instead cooked up by an Italian restaurant owner in the 1950s.  He suddenly found himself with customers but was short on ingredients for a proper pasta sauce. But the customers begged that he “make any kind of garbage” (in Italian) because they were hungry. And the result was the dish spaghetti alla puttanesca, as we know it today.

Want to take a whack at making your own puttanesca sauce? Well then, grab a pack for your pantry now!

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