Tomato Basil Sauce by La Reinese

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Tomato Basil Sauce by La Reinese

How are the exquisite bottles of Tomato Basil Sauce by La Reinese made? Imagine plump fresh tomatoes grown and harvested from the Campania region. Then infused with fresh basil herbs cultivated from the same area. And all this delicious goodness is processed and bottled all in the same day. All these are carefully accomplished to bring you high quality artisan products. It’s a taste of spring all jam-packed and sealed in a bottle, and delivered right to your kitchens. So you may enjoy spring in Campania, Italy in a bottle.

You can use these lovely tomatoes for any kind of recipe that calls for fresh tomatoes, whether a bruschetta topping, spaghetti sauce, or for that Italian meatballs and sauce recipe you’ve been wanting to try.

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1 review for Tomato Basil Sauce by La Reinese

  1. Sherrel

    Truly a kitchen must-have especially if you love Italian meatballs like I do.

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