Dried “Arrabbiata” Sauce Mix


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Dried “Arrabbiata” Sauce Mix

One of the most popular sauces in central and southern Italy, this bag of Dried “Arrabbiata” Sauce Mix is quite a marvel. Why? Because you can now easily achieve this savory spicy sauce in just a few minutes. No need to gather all your individual Italian spices and herbs. Now, you only need this!

This concoction is from Paradiso dei Golosi, a maker of jams, olive oil, and spices in the Calabria region. It consists of an array of Italian spices and herbs. Its ingredients include basil, garlic, parsley, and red hot chili peppers.

So make your own batch of superbly delicious Arrabbiata sauce with this lovely mix of aromatic spices and herbs today!

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