Polenta Nobile Marano (Heirloom Corn)


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Polenta Nobile Marano (Heirloom Corn)

An ancient corn variant from the Veneto region, this beautiful bag of Polenta Nobile Marano is from Molino Filippi. This ground corn flour is from fine Marano corn. It is perfect as yummy companion to all kinds of meat dishes. However, Molino Filippi says it is best with honey, milk, and various delectable nuts.

How to cook this ground golden grain? One of the simplest ways is to heat up about 12 cups of water in a pot. When it’s almost boiling, mix the entire bag of polenta in the pot. Keep the flame low and stir constantly. Do this for about half an hour or until polenta is done. Cut them into squares or rectangles and serve with sauce.

Sounds delicious, right? Well then, get a bag now!

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