Tuna in Extra Virgin Olive Oil: 2.82 oz. Tin


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Tuna in Extra Virgin Olive Oil: 2.82 oz. Tin

This canned yellow fin tuna belongs in the Sardanelli family’s Five Stars line. Each tuna inside has been carefully selected, prepared, and packed. They only choose and include yellow fins that weigh 20 to 30 kilograms. This ensures you only get tuna in extra virgin olive oil that’s of the highest quality. Definitely another flavorful seafood product from the Calabria region.

An excellent product from one of Italy’s oldest tuna fishery, Sardanelli has designed among the best selection and processing techniques in the industry. This is so they produce only the best Italian canned tuna in the market. Perfect for all kinds of dishes and recipes, you can use this to make healthy tuna toppings for bruschetta, pasta sauce, or any savory tuna dish for your family and friends.

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