Calabria is a southern Italian region is famous not only for its fruit and vegetable preserves but also its hearty and spicy cuisine. Located a few miles from the island of Sicily, you may find some similarities in the two region’s culinary traditions. Unlike other coastal areas, however, Calabrian cuisine is as varied as its lovely diverse landscape.

Calabrese food products have an intense flavor and are prepared using traditional techniques. Often, you will find fresh good quality fruits and vegetables such as artichokes, tomatoes, eggplants, onions, asparagus, melons, olives, figs, almonds, and citrus fruits in the kitchen pantry. Preserved fruits and vegetables in jars are also common, often to be consumed all year round. This is why the region is also known for its delicious marmalade, jams, and dried herbs and spices.

Food Festivals

Like most of the Italian peninsula, food is at the heart of this region’s centuries-old traditions. The only bit of difference is that they focus more on homegrown of farm produce instead of particular food or dishes. And this is evident in the many food festivals being regularly celebrated there such as the Tropea Red Onions in July, the Sajuca bean Festival in August, and the Peperoncino Festival in September.