Tuna in Extra Virgin Olive Oil: 5.65 oz. Tin

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Tuna in Extra Virgin Olive Oil: 5.65 oz. Tin

Here’s another excellent product imported all the way from the Calabria region. This 5.65 ounces canned tuna in olive oil is from the Sardanelli family. And each one contains the best yellow fin tunas in Italy. How? It’s because Sardanelli utilizes a selection and processing method that has been tried and tested for almost two centuries.

With the most flavorful and tender tuna meat within it, you can use them for all kinds of delicious recipes you can think of. Make anything from bruschetta topping to pasta sauces or meat dishes. There’s no problem whatsoever. After all, canning tuna has been a part of Calabrian tradition since 1817.

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  • Anna says:

    I simply saute some garlic using the olive oil from Tuna in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Put in some Linguini pasta and dried basil. Makes a wonderful pasta dish.