Grilled Whole Mushrooms

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Grilled Whole Mushrooms

Looking for the perfect antipasto? How about these savory grilled whole mushrooms from OrtoCori then?

Made with cultivated Agaricus bisporus mushrooms, each mushroom is carefully harvested and selected. Then, they are grilled over a wood-burning fire. Next, they’re excellently preserved and marinated in a mixture of extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, herbs, wine vinegar, citric acid, and salt. The savory mixture not only preserves the mushrooms, but it also enhances the mushrooms’ wonderful flavor. Finally, the mushrooms are tightly packed in a jar and sealed to ensure they retain their savory flavor and freshness.

Aside from serving them as an excellent antipasto, they can also be great additions to fresh vegetable salads or as a side to meat dishes.

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1 review for Grilled Whole Mushrooms

  1. Isabel

    Try tossing this in your Ceasar Salad and it will make your salad taste different.

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