Fruit Gel “Juicy Snack” Bars: Pineapple (Box of 12)


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Fruit Gel “Juicy Snack” Bars: Pineapple (Box of 12)

The pineapple is a succulent fruit that is prepared or cooked in a variety of ways.  It is one of the most unique fruits in the world, and certainly one of the yummiest. And it is also one of the fruits in Majani’s Summer Linea Fruttissima collection: the Pineapple fruit gel bars. These pineapple fruit gel bars are manufactured by Majani in the Emilia-Romagna region.

Manufactured by the famous chocolate maker Majani, these fruity jellies are made with 35% real pineapple fruit juice. And you can buy them in a box of 12, with each individual bar weighing 1.06 ounces.


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