Assorted Natural Fruit Gels by Bombi: Citrus

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This Assorted Natural Citrus Fruit Gels by Bombi is a bag of delectable candied citrus fruit gels from the Piemonte region. Each candy consists of all-natural fruit pulp and fruit pectin. It has no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, and no coloring agents whatsoever. Each piece of candy was made from the best and freshest ingredients. They are simply 100% Natural Fruit Gels.


Citrus Fruit Gels by Bombi

Aside from real fruit pulp, it also has vitamin C and antioxidants. A certainly much healthier snack choice than common junkfood, don’t you think?




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  • Jessa says:

    This is one of my favorite candy because I don’t have to worry whether this is considered a junk candy or not. It contains vitamins and antioxidant which health-conscious lovers will definitely try! A must.