Fruit Gel “Juicy Snack” Bars: Cherry (Box of 12)


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Fruit Gel “Juicy Snack” Bars: Cherry (Box of 12)

Another exciting summer-themed fruity gel bar from Majani are these cherry fruit gel bars. These delectable Italian candies are made with 35% real cherry juice. They come in a box of delectable 12 fruit gel bars that belongs in the Fruttissima Line. Each fruity gel bar weighs exactly 1.06 ounces. (Pictured shown here is the individual unit.) Have we mentioned these cherry fruit gel bars are made by the amazing Italian chocolatier Majani. Need we say more?

What exactly makes Majani’s Cherry Fruity Gel Bars so special?  Well, they’re made with real fruit juice. This means they are a much healthier choice than other sweets. Majani also prides itself in using only high quality raw ingredients in their products. Another factor that makes Majani sweets the better choice for you and your family.

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