Italian Candy

Italian cuisine will not be complete, of course, without its many delectable sweets. Indeed, many of the beloved candies out in American markets today are Italian candies. What are these sweet treats?
The first Italian candy that should be mentioned, of course, are the various cioccolato, which come in all sizes and shapes. After all, who could forget the chocolate bars, truffles, and even the chocolate-flavored cereal bars that you can readily consume when you get those munchies.
There are also the milk candies, taffies, and glacé fruits, which are great favorites of children of all ages, and make great toppings of cakes and other pastries. Another yummy Italian candy worth mentioning is liquorice, which surprisingly has healing properties for the throat and respiratory system. And of course, there are the herbal candies with anise, cinnamon, and all kinds of mint flavors, some of which are likewise great for fighting off cough and colds as well as some stomach problems.

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