Natural Berry Fruit Gels: In Container

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Natural Berry Fruit Gels: In Container

More delectable treats from Bombi in the Piedmont region, the Natural Berry Fruit Gels: In Container. These are fragrant Italian gel candies that are refreshingly light and just mildly sweet to the taste. Made with quality natural ingredients by one of the Italian region’s most famous candy makers. It has zero artificial coloring agents and zero artificial flavoring. And it actually contains 8% real berry fruit pulp and pectin!

Munch on your favorite berry flavors with these yummy berry gel candies from Bombi. Discover how wonderful artisanal candies taste in your mouth!

Bombi, maker of these berry candies, is a candy manufacturer from the Piemonte region in Italy.


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  • Mikeala says:

    This fruit gels have the right amount of sweetness adults will also love.