Fruit Gels by Majani (Real Fruit) in Box

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Assorted Fruit Gels by Majani (Real Fruit) in Box

Can’t decide which fruit is your favorite? How about you try all flavors with this box of assorted fruit gels before you decide then?

Made with real fruit pulp and pectin, this box contains a lovely assortment of delectable sweet treats. With different fruit flavors, each sweet jelly piece by Majani is full of lovely zesty lusciousness that literally melts in your mouth. What’s more is that it is 100% from fresh natural ingredients. It means it has zero coloring agents, zero artificial ingredients, and zero preservatives.

Each box contains 9 individually wrapped fruit gels.

*Also available in bulk!

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1 review for Fruit Gels by Majani (Real Fruit) in Box

  1. Demi

    Fruit gels!!!! I so love them. They taste like real fruits so I can have all the fruits I want. Great gels whenever I’m doing nothing.

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