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The best home coffee grinder Krups

May it be black coffee, latte or a cappuccino, a freshly brewed coffee always refreshes your mind. Aroma and taste are two things that a coffee-lover looks for in a cup of coffee. I love fresh coffee brewing smell every morning, for that matter any point of the day.

The coffee smell makes my mornings more fresh and active. Buying ground coffee is easy, but little efforts of grinding your coffee from KrupsĀ GX4100 Coffee Grinder not only makes a great aromatic coffee but also you feel good about it.

Criteria For The Best Home Coffee Grinder

The best home coffee grinder Krups GX4100 is compact in size and can be easily accommodated in any corner of your kitchen. The grinder will grind beans to the fine powder in less than a minute and should not mess up your kitchen.

Easy to clean and affordability is another considerable feature of great coffee grinders.

Coffee making was a great art and precise science till coffee grinders for home use were launched. Coffee made at home is just perfect with the Krups range of best coffee grinders for home use, which include best home espresso grinder and best home burr grinder.


They are into manufacturing of coffee grinders from 1846 and since then coffee lovers are enjoying a great tasting coffee at home.

In 1961 they turned their full attention to making the best home coffee grinder and started perfecting them for home use.

Quality, far-sighted design combined with technical refinement is helping the company deliver some of the best home espresso grinders and burr grinders.

Krups coffee grinders for home use are compact, convenient and modern and enables you to enjoy unlimited cups of aromatic coffee at home.


Product Overview

KRUPS GX4100 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder is a small and useful little appliance that I have been using for years to make aromatic and better-tasting coffee every time.

It is the number one seller on the Amazon website in the coffee grinder category.

Although small in size, it is incredibly powerful and is powered by the 200-watt motor that crushes coffee to a fine powder.

The desired texture of the coffee ground can be obtained by an increase or decrease in the grinding time. One more significant advantage of this grinder is that it grinds a variety of spices including cinnamon sticks, cloves, cardamoms and peppercorns in just a few seconds while keeping intact the flavor of the spice.

The unit comes with 3-ounce capacity and has an excellent steel blade for even grinding. Then press down and hold the button on, the grinder grinds the coffee beans to a fine powder in less than a minute.

The beautiful oval shape of the unit gives a good grip and makes it easy to pour out the ground stuff.

  • Electric grinder with 200-watt motor provides fast grinding
  • 3 ounces grinding capacity can make 12 cups of coffee.
  • Recommended use for grinding nuts, spices and coffee
  • Two-year worldwide warranty
  • 200 watt motor for powerful grinding
  • Lid activated safety switch
  • The texture of the coffee ground can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing grinding time.
  • Three stainless steel blades and oval shape ensure uniform grinding.


Stylish and Compact

KRUPS GX4100 coffee grinder is smart in looks and compact in size. This best home coffee grinder adds to the look of your kitchen and makes perfect kitchen-mate for both contemporary and modern kitchens.

The small size and oval shape of the unit gives good grip of the unit when transferring the ground coffee and prevents messing up your kitchen tops.

Powerful Motor

This best coffee grinder for home use from Krups is powered by a 200-watt motor to crush the coffee bean to a fine powder quickly and easily.It only takes a minute or less to obtain the fine powder.


Apart from grinding coffee, the unit can also be used for grinding whole spices and nuts including cinnamon, peppercorns, cloves, cardamom, almonds and cashews.

Easy to maintain and Affordable

This best coffee grinder is easy to clean and maintain. I am using this coffee grinder for 4 years now, and the motor and blades still work with the same efficiency as they did on the day one. One thing that is attractive about this product is the lowest price.



Although this can be termed as one of the best coffee grinders it is not entirely flawless, the timing of the grinding needs to adjust carefully to get the desired texture and does not ensure results similar to the best home burr grinder.


Overall the Krups GX4100 electric coffee and spice grinder make an excellent buy in the given budget and with style, compact size, powerful grinding features, it can be termed as one of the best coffee grinders for home use.

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