15 of the Best Gift Ideas for Italian Food Lovers

Guido Pedrelli
Guido Pedrelli
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Guido Pedrelli
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No doubt there’s an Italian food lover in each of our lives — but what to get them other than just the basics from your local grocer? From Italian kitchen equipment to creative books, gourmet food, and other fun trinkets, here are the 15 best gift ideas for Italian food lovers.

1. Italy Cutting Board

Italy cutting board
Italian cheese and cold cuts will feel right at home on this Italy-shaped cutting board.

2. Italy Food Map

Italy food map

Italian food becomes art in this attractive illustration of the country and its regional dishes. Bonus: shirts and a tote are available too! 

3. Italian Spice Kit

Italian spice kit

No spice collection would be complete without these authentic Italian spices.

4. A Comprehensive Manual for Translating the Italian Menu into American-English

Italian menu translation to English
Brush up on your Italian menu skills with this comprehensive guide for translating to English.

5. Pasta Maker

paster maker

A must in any true Italian-food-lovers kitchen: a proper pasta maker!

6. Pasta-Drying Rack

pasta drying rack

If your loved one enjoys tackling homemade pasta, this handy pasta-drying rack will be a welcome addition to their culinary toolbox.

7. “La Dolce Vita” Sugar Spoon

La Dolce Vita sugar spoon
This hand-stamped sugar spoon would make for a pretty sweet Italy-inspired gift.

8. Gourmet Italian Food Ornaments

Gourmet Italian food ornaments
Gift some holiday spirit with these Italian gourmet food ornaments.

9. Italian Wine Region Map

wine map
The Italian wine lover in your life will love exploring the country beyond just the glass, with this attractive map of the country’s wine regions.

10. Vino Italiano: The Regional Wines of Italy

vino italiano bok

Take the wine map to the next level by also gifting this book about the regional wines of Italy.

11. Italian Espresso Maker

Espresso maker
Give the gift that keeps on giving….espresso, that is! You can’t go wrong with this Italian-made Bialetti espresso maker.

12. Italy for the Gourmet Traveler

italy for the gourmet traveler

Here’s another handy book to add to an Italian food-lovers collection. It covers everything from food to wines, local bakeries, olive oil distilleries, ice cream parlors, cheeses, markets, restaurants and best-kept secrets of Italy’s culinary world.

13. Handcrafted Espresso Cups

Traditional Italian espresso cups Upgrade the espresso gift to include this artisanal espresso cup and saucer, which are handcrafted in Italy.

14. Pasta Italiana Decorative Wrap

pasta italiana decorative wrap

Use this pasta Italiana wrap to conceal your gift, or even make it a gift itself, as it can be framed and hung so that no pasta type is ever forgotten.

15. Gourmet Italian Food Box

Gourmet Italian food box
Here’s the ultimate gift, and all in one box: hard-to-come-by artisanal products from Italy, traditional recipes from an actual Italian nonna, wine pairing recommendations, and culinary and cultural cards — all which take you on a journey through Italy region by region. Even better, you can gift or get Nonna Box as a food subscription or as a one-time adventure.


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  1. Leviticus Bennett says:

    I like your first idea to get an Italy shaped cutting board. It would look great if you hung it on your kitchen wall as well. I think another great gift would be to take someone to an Italian restaurant or to give them a gift card.

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