Coarse Sea Salt

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Coarse Sea Salt

One of the most important condiments you could ever ask for, this bottle of Coarse Sea Salt is a product of Il Boschetto. Harvested from the southwest coastline of the island of Sicily, this sea salt is great for all your cooking needs. Sprinkle them on your favorite fish or meat, and taste the wonderful flavor it brings to your dishes.

And not only does sea salt give your dishes great flavor, but it’s also good for your health. It is rich in trace minerals that is essential to the human body. It’s also a great source of electrolytes, which are important for various organ functions. And it also helps your body maintain and balance fluids so you don’t get dehydrated. Overall, if you want to be healthy, then sea salt is an essential part to your diet.

So grab a bottle of this essential condiment today!

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  • Sharla says:

    Every time I cook I need condiments and this coarse sea salt helps me achieve the flavor I want. It makes every bite delicious!