*Sant’ Eustachio “Caffe” Whole Coffee Beans: Bulk

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Sant’ Eustachio Whole Coffee Beans: Bulk

Sant’Eustachio Whole Coffee Beans: Bulk is made of 100% fine Arabica Superior blend. And this is especially packed for bars, restaurants, and cafes. From the Lazio region, this artisanal coffee was made by brothers Raimondo and Roberto Ricci.

Made of excellent coffee beans from around the world, they have been air dried and gently roasted. And the result is a large bag of lovely aromatic Sant’Eustachio caffe with a uniquely delicate taste and a fragrant aroma.

Great for brewing black coffee, making espressos, or whipping up your patron’s favorite cup of cappuccino. This Italian coffee is also excellent for creating all kinds of delicious and aromatic caffeinated creations.


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  • Arturo says:

    This always saves me whenever my friends will come over for a small talk.