Italian Coffee

One of the most significant contributions Italy has given to the world, in terms of food and beverages, is Italian coffee. As a matter of fact, many of those caffeinated drinks served in international coffee shops are versions of Italian coffee. Have you ever ordered an espresso, caffé Americano, or a cup of cappuccino at your favorite café? Or perhaps a caffè shakerato? Yep, these are all Italian coffee. For clarity, below are some of the most popular types of Italian coffee in the world.

Espresso – is coffee brewed by forcing hot water through dark finely ground coffee beans. In Italy, it is often consumed sparingly but throughout the day, and it is called un caffè. If you want a double shot, you say caffè doppio.
Macchiato – is an espresso shot with a one or two drops of hot milk. In famous American coffee shops, this usually comes with a caramel drizzle and is then called caramel macchiato.
Cappuccino – is a coffee drink that is equal parts espresso, steamed milk, and foam. It is considered one of the most popular Italian coffee in the world.
Caffè latte – is an espresso with steamed milk and some foam. The term literally means “milk coffee” in Italian.
Caffè Americano – is an espresso that is brewed with added hot water.

Other Iesser known Italian coffees are shakerato, caffè al ginseng, and caffè d’orzo.

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