Villa Reale

A renowned product line from the Sicilian company Campo d’Oro of Paolo Licata, Villa Reale has a vast array of gourmet products that are exported to twenty countries around the globe. The product line only uses the freshest ingredients and employs trusted artisan methods in manufacturing their culinary creations. This speaks to their commitment in preserving the various Sicilian culinary traditions of creating high quality food preserves.

Among the products included in the brand are the following:

  • Condiments and Sauces
  • Herbs, Aromas, and Spices
  • Marmalades, Honeys & Gelées
  • Oil and Vinegar
  • Vegetable and Seafood Paté
  • Seafood
  • Sweet Sicilian Spreads
  • Sicilian Sea Salt
  • Traditional Specialties
  • Typical Preserves

Other product lines under the Campo d’Oro of Paolo Licata company are Villa Reale Supreme, Paolo Licata, and Stuzzichì.

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