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Pastificio Morelli

A family-run business, Pastificio Morelli was founded in 1860 in Tuscany by the Morelli family. They make unique and delicious artisan pasta products using a wheat germ ingredient that has been handed down in the family for generations.

What is Wheat Germ?

When wheat grains undergoes a grinding process, the embryo of the wheat kernel gets separated. This embryo is called the wheat germ, and is part of the kernel that actually holds some of the grains most essential nutrients. In Pastificio Morelli, because of ancient artisan techniques, they are able to mix it back into their semolina flour, and in consequence, into their pasta. And this is what makes their pasta unique from all other pasta.


Pastificio Morelli is managed by the Morelli family’s 5th generation. They continue to preserve the traditions that have made the company a success. Now, they manufacture a wide range of specialty pasta products, using still the ancient artisan methods. This also means zero artificial coloring and preservatives, too!

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