OrtoCori was founded in 1984 in the historic town of Cori, in the Lazio region. They are among the experts in bottling and preserving seasonal vegetables in oil and vinegar in Italy. To accomplish this, they have adapted the local culinary traditions and ancient techniques of preserving vegetables. And over years, they have perfected the method of efficiently preserving the culinary treasures of Mother Nature and conveniently delivering them to people’s homes.

OrtoCori products begin with the freshest vegetables of the season, carefully selected, ripened, and cleaned. After which, they are processed immediately so as not to lose any of their flavor and freshness. Making sure that all the nutrients and culinary goodness remain intact, they are carefully preserved in oil and vinegar, and sealed.

Among the company’s popular products that you shouldn’t miss are the Grilled Boretta onions, Grilled Mushrooms, Grilled Bell Peppers, and Grilled Whole Artichokes.

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