Colli Estruschi

The amazing brainchild of an artisan collective, Colli Etruschi was born in the Etruscan village of Blera in the Lazio region.

Firm believers of teamwork, 18 expert growers joined forces in cultivating and manufacturing top quality olive oils. Armed with shared production costs and modern equipment, Colli Etruschi then started to develop the finest quality olive oils in Italy. And you don’t have to take our word for it. After all, this collective’s fine products are favored by not only consumers but also celebrity chefs and gourmands all over the world. In fact, their oils have won various awards, both in the national and international scene.

Today, the collective has over 300 members spread out in more than 800 sites all over Blera. And they are cultivating more than 40,000 historical cultivars in its ancient fertile territory. At the moment, Colli Etruschi has a collection of the finest extra-virgin olive oils that range from Evo to Classico.

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