Italian Sweets

One cannot talk about Italian cuisine without also mentioning Italian sweets. In fact, desserts and all sorts of sweet treats make for a large chunk of the country’s traditional food. Italian sweets are also among the most popular types of Italian food in the world. Take for instance the exquisite cream and custard dessert called tiramisu and the world famous ice cream called gelato. Not to mention the panna cotta, biscotti, rum baba, and the famously Mafia-associated cannoli. Yes, Italian desserts are quite popular the world over.

In addition to that, pastries are a part of Italy’s history. As a matter of fact, many of the traditional Italian sweets go as far back as the 1600s. During that time, convents were the main source of sweet pastries and the nuns were the artisan pastry chefs, with each convent having their own specialty. In those times, the nuns sold their treats according to which fruits or fresh ingredients were in season or in time for some religious holidays. This is why most Italian sweets and pastries are known to be prepared and eaten during particular holidays or special events. Great examples of these are the array of pastries and desserts connected to Christmas or the holiday season and the Carnevale, which is the fest that happens before Lent that is mostly associated with the city of Venice.

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