Cannellini Beans: Le Mondine


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Cannellini Beans: Le Mondine

A creamy white Italian grain, this bag of Cannellini beans are from the Riso Carena farm in the Lombardy region. Amazingly tasty with a creamy fluffy texture and a mild nutty flavor, these beans are perfect for salads, soups, and casseroles. They expand when they’re cooked, so a handful will already make your dishes complete.
They are available all year round, so you can have them any time you get a craving. What’s more? They can keep in a sealed airtight container for about a year! So you can put as much of it in storage as you want. Just remember to soak these dried beans for at least 5 hours before cooking.
Curious about these wonderful Italian grains? Grab a bag and start you culinary experiments now!

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