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Best Hand Mixer Reviews Buying Guide

Modern-day kitchen users are aware that hand held mixers add to convenience and sophistication. However, like other kitchen appliances, choosing the best hand mixer requires a fair bit of backend information.

Hand mixer is a kitchen appliance used to beat dough, cream, chocolate and many other items eaten on daily basis. A common handheld mixer consists of a gear-driven mechanism that rotates two beaters in a food bowl. Since, it’s meant to be used with hands, it has a handle mounted over the motor housing. The hand mixer can mix, whisk or beat the ingredients, depending on the accessory installed. Moreover, some hand mixers feature dough hook so that they can be used to knead.

First electric handheld mixer was manufactured in 1964 by a French company called Dynamic. Before that, people used to have manual tools for beating that, although, reduce the burden of beating and mixing to some extent, but they couldn’t do it cleanly. Cooks and chefs had to spend some time cleaning the mess on the floor and countertops.

Today, things have changed as modern hand held mixers come with lots of accessories and safety features, reducing your prep time and cleaning time to a large extent.​

Why Electric Hand Mixers

Electric hand mixers have become quite popular due to so many reasons.

  • Gone are the days when you had ample amount of time to beat the dough with bare hands. Electric hand mixers fit in with today’s busy life style just perfectly, taking minutes to beat the hardest of doughs and help you prepare meal for your kids as quickly as possible.
  • Hand mixers, unlike those large stand mixers are far lighter and easier to carry. They offer flexibility in mixing, since you can reach deep down into the bowl beating the food particles stuck right at the bottom.
  • Energy efficiency and space saving are other major attributed due to which sales of hand mixers has been on a rise. They take negligible space in the kitchen and consume just 120V energy to operate.
  • Hand mixers are far more affordable compared to stand mixers. There is a large variety of hand mixers offering wider price range than stand mixers.

What to Expect from Hand Mixer

There is no one way to go about choosing a hand mixer, because people have different preferences. You need to be sure of your needs and how you will be using the appliance. Regardless of the functionality, people prefer to use electric hand mixers because they offer speed options and better control over the mixture.

  • Best hand mixer offers multiple speeds to work on different ingredients, treating them with the right kind of pressure. Moreover, it also features an entire range of accessories, preventing you from buying anything separately.
  • Top rated hand mixers come with eye-soothing designs. Plus, they are efficient and convenient. For example, handle grip of the mixer, which has been the most prominent feature, is most talked about component. Some customers prefer to use parallel handles, while most of them go for slanted handles. Similarly, motor performance, beater material and storage container become decisive factors in their popularity.
  • People who love to cook new and challenging recipes consider versatile and flexible hand mixers. They are keen to know about motor speed, durability, slow speeds and food ingredients that the hand mixer can beat and mix. Busy cooks want a hand mixer that lasts long and withstands wears due to aggressive handling.

In short, hand mixers bring a lot more convenience and comfort to the users.

5 Best Hand Mixers for 2018

In order to take care of all the mixing, beating and whisking tasks in the kitchen, we are sharing top 5 hand mixer reviews for you.

1. KitchenAid KHM7210ER 7-Speed

When we talked about innovative kitchen appliances and prep tools, we cannot ignore KitchenAid which has been one of the best in the business today. The company has produced lots of intriguing handheld mixers, and the best thing about them is, they are quite within the reach of middle to lower-middle class families. KitchenAid KHM7210ER 7-Speed Hand Mixer with Turbo Beater II Accessories is yet another masterpiece from the makers.

It features 7 speeds that give you extra control over your recipes and help you get that precise finish you’re looking for. Speed 1 is for combining all ingredients and give them a slow stir. If you’re mashing potatoes, speed four will be good for you. Or if you want to beat egg whites or whip cream, run it at speed 7.

Unlike ordinary hand mixers that start to rotate at the set speed and create mess on the countertop, KHM7210ER Handheld Mixer offers soft and smooth start to prevent any splattering. It features Soft StartTM due to which the beaters start to rotate softly initially and gradually reach the desired speed.

You can move the hand mixer freely into the bowl without being blocked by the hanging cord. The hand mixer enables you to lock the cord at either side of the body, thereby giving you liberty to mix from any angle.

Handle grip is one most important factor housewives and chefs consider before purchasing a handheld device. They made sure of the material and the amount of comfort it offers. To start with, the hand held mixer has a slanted handle that allows you to hold it without restricting natural movement of your arm and elbow. Plus, the handle grip is soft so that you can mix the toughest of ingredients without applying too much pressure.

There is a button to remove and replace accessories. You don’t have to use your second hand to push it. That’s convenience for you!​



  • KHM7210ER is 2 pound light, which means, you’ll literally feel no burden while using it. Light weight also gives you free arm-movement and you can reach ingredients with utmost ease.
  • Stainless steel body is another plus, making this hand mixer a lot more durable than other breeds. Stainless steel body also resists well against motor rotation at high speed.
  • Turbo Beater II accessories are quite durable and the hand mixer has it. Plus, you’re getting Pro Whisk for more flexibility.
  • The electric hand mixer has a low-powered motor that offers only 150 watts. So, it’s not wise to use KHM7210ER to beat or mix relatively thicker or harder ingredients.
  • KHM7210ER is meant for mixing and whisking relatively softer ingredients. It doesn’t feature any dough hook.


2. KitchenAid KHM920A 9-Speed

Coming to the powerful and most versatile appliance, yet again we are seeing KitchenAid showing off one of the top rated hand mixers. KitchenAid KHM920A 9-Speed Hand Mixer in Candy Red Apple is not only powerful, it offers more control over your recipes with 9-speed functionality and a whole range of accessories accompanying it.

If you’re new to hand mixers, you’ll surely enjoy working with this masterpiece as it showcases whisks, beaters, blenders and more. You’re also getting a fine accessory bag to keep all the tools in place.

For master chefs and cooks taking on restaurant lovers with food maniacs with healthy appetite, this tool is a must-have. It offers highest speed options followed in the kitchen industry – a 9-speed jetpack can take care of all kinds of ingredients in the bowl. It can whip egg whites, prepare cream, mash potatoes, and beat your fresh coffee. It is also good for kneading.

Digital controls are available, giving your one-touch convenience for changing speeds. There is an LED display to keep you updated with the current speed. Practically, you can switch from slow stirring to high whipping with just a finger touch. That’s what professional ask for and KitchenAid has delivered it.

Unlike other models, this model features SoftStart separately, giving your proper control on your mixture. You can choose to raise the speed and go for the desired speed whenever you want to.​



  • KHM920A 9-Speed Hand Mixer features all high quality accessories. From turbo beaters to liquid blender rod, all accessories are made of durable stainless steel material.
  • Like other KitchenAid models, this electric hand mixer also features a slanted handle for better performance and hand convenience. Plus, its soft grip handle has ergonomic finger grooves for better control and handling.
  • The hand mixer works efficiently with all kinds of ingredients, be it an oatmeal cookie dough or flour. You can mix your chocolate at will, thanks to high powered and lightweight DC motor.
  • Although it has just 3-pound weight, some might still find it heavy. At the same time, it can do more tasks than others. That’s just to make it more durable and resist motor rotation.
  • Some customer found motor making noise, but they don’t consider it too troubling as the sound is not too loud.


3. Cuisinart HM-90BCS Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed

Cuisinart has been on top of the food chain when it comes to producing kitchen appliances. It has been producing some amazing tools for professionals as well as occasional cooks alike. Cuisinart HM-90BCS Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Handheld Mixer with Storage Case, in Brushed Chrome is yet another reason of fame for the makers. It’s powerful, efficient and lovely.

Look wise, HM-90BCS 9-Speed Hand Mixer complements all types of kitchens, because of its intriguing design and attractive white color. It’s a compact handheld device having dimensions of 8.5 x 3.9 x 8.9 cubic inches. The weight of 4.1 pounds may be the only downside of this model.

Cuisinart tends to produced high-performance options and this model is not an exception. It has a 220-watt DC motor powerful enough to beat the hardest dough on the planet. The motor is powerful enough to be used at a commercial level. But it’s not about power all the time, as you’re getting 9-speed functionality, from slow speed to the rigorously high speed. Durable body makes it all painless for your hands.

The handheld mixer offers slow mixing, whisking and dough beating, and its 3-low speed options make sure there is not a single drop of mixture on your countertop. You get a complete range of accessories, such as beaters, dough hooks, chef’s whisk and spatula etc. Plus, there’s an instruction manual and a recipe book to give you a smooth start.

Although it performs the hardest of mixing and beating tasks in the kitchen, HM-90BCS also makes sure you don’t have to move a muscle. That’s why it offers one touch control, so that you only have to move your finger to change the speed.​



  • Because of 3 slow speeds, the hand mixer offers more depth, quality and texture to your food. You can get that precise tone and color of your food that you’re seeking.
  • You’re getting extra-long beaters for extended and in-depth reach. That also means you can prepare mixture in larger quantity and save your time for other activities. It also means you’ll get better quality of food at the table.
  • Storage case makes it even better. It prevents the risk of accessories being lost.
  • Stainless steel body ensures you don’t need to spend extra time cleaning your hand mixer. Just remove the accessories with a single touch and clean them easily.
  • The only concerning factor has been the weight of the device. It’s over 4 pound and some might find it hard to handle at the start. However, heavier option also means that the device is durable and has a powerful motor that’ll last for a lifetime.


4. KitchenAid KHM512ER 5-Speed

For new users, cheaper model will be better so that you can learn to use it and experiment as well. So, we recommend you KitchenAid KHM512ER 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer that’s also good for people with tight budget, or those who have limited mixing and beating to perform in the kitchen. Here are some noteworthy features of this hand mixer.

If you have a small kitchen, KHM512ER is the one you should go for. It’s compact, sleek and ultralight. It weighs just 2 pounds, yet has a relatively powerful motor that generates 145 watts. Normally, with that much wattage, you can perform most of your mixing, stirring, whipping and beating tasks.

Although, the device is cheaper than other hand mixers, there is no compromise on quality and durability. You’re getting Turbo BeaterTm II Accessories that can take care of heavy mixing as well. Plus, you’re also getting 1-year replacement warranty.

The electric hand mixer features slanted handle, just like those high-end models. The handle offers better grip and comfort even on high speeds. Plus, the button on the top enable you to remove accessories easily.

Another plus; the cord can be locked at either side of the body so that you can approach your mixture in your desired manner. It’s just like using those high-profile models. The hand mixer works equally well on smooth ingredients, like potatoes and eggs to the chunky ingredients, such as chocolate or nuts. You can even whip heavy cream if you switch to maximum speed.​



  • With price under $50, customers think this hand mixer is there to be had. Moreover, you can choose from 12 different colors including the Empire Red Color in the picture above.
  • This cute little hand mixer has a weight of just 2 pound, which means anyone can lift it. Moreover, lightweight device offers better hand movement.
  • Although, it’s light in weight, has an above average DC motor and limited speed options, the hand mixer still offers a year’s warranty to secure your purchase.
  • 5-speed operation is just what an average housewife wants, especially when no experimentation and fancy cooking is needed. In fact, experts recommend hand mixers with 5-speed operation for households.
  • There may not be any additional accessories other than the powerful stainless steel beaters. However, you may purchase the accessories separately if you like.
  • Low power of just 145 watts may be a limitation, but it helps save your energy consumption too. Low wattage also means less fluctuation and better handling of the device.


5. OXO On Digital Hand Mixer


If you’re not satisfied by the design of above mentioned models and are looking for something modern and sleek, you can go for OXO On Digital Hand Mixer With Illuminating Headlight. The body may be sleek, but it is not only meant for rotating the beaters.

The handheld mixer features an open-end handle over the motor housing, in order to give you more liberty in handling and movement. If you’re considering storage options, there is no need to worry either, as the beaters are stored in the mixer body. After completing the mixing, cords can be wrapped around the base for compact storage.

The handlebar features soft-touch intuitive digital controls that smoothly adjust the speed to perfection. The handheld mixer offers 6 speeds, and promises to deliver smooth and splatter-free start.


One noteworthy factor has been consistency in motor speed, even when the batter gets thickened, so you don’t have to change the speed or turn your hand mixer off in the middle.

You can even use this hand mixer in the dark or dim light as it uses its own light to illuminate the bowl. The headlight also keeps you updated with the status of mixture. For safety concerns, the headlight remains on after you finished mixing, until you switch of or unplug your mixture from the power source.

To give your more flexibility, the handheld mixer comes with a set of dough hooks, so that your batter gets extra-thick according to your desires.

OXO On Digital Hand Mixer works equally well with chocolate brownies, whipped cream, fluffy meringue. Even then it’s 2.5 pounds and consumes just 110V of energy.​



  • If you look at the price factor, there are plenty of 5-speed hand mixers, but OXO Digital Hand Mixer offers 6 speeds. That’s a bonus!
  • You wouldn’t get a set of dough hooks with a hand mixer so cheap, unless it’s OXO Digital Hand Mixer.
  • The hand mixer is best for small kitchens with compact space. It’s efficiently designed for small spaces. There is no requirement of a separate storage case to keep accessories.
  • The motor is also quite powerful, generating 200-watt power, which is enough for mixing batter.
  • The hand mixer still offers limited control because of 6-speed function, but high-end models are far more expensive. But many customers feel that 6 speeds are enough to perform most of the beating, whisking and whipping.
  • Beaters (Whiskers) are not as long as other models, yet the design of the model allows you to reach deep into the bowl.


Now, you have made up your mind about the best hand mixer for your kitchen. Even if you want to continue your search, follow these tips for better purchase decision.

  • Make sure that the hand mixer is durable enough to withstand unfortunate drop on the floor.
  • Make sure that the hand mixer you’re buying offers comfortable grip and support, because it can easily slip off on high speeds. Talking about handles, slanted handles offer better grip and more control compared to parallel handles. But still, it depends upon your own comfort.
  • Motor rating and performance is another important factor to keep in mind. The higher wattage the motor has, the more convenient it will be. Usually models with 7 speeds and 9 speeds feature high powered motors.
  • Some models are more alluring than others, but always keep your own preferences and budget mind. Sometimes, too many options can be useless.
  • Always make an informed decision about hand mixers online by going through hand mixer reviews, such as this post.

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