Mister Twister Electric Fillet Knife Review

  • by Nonna Box August 25, 2018
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  • Last Updated on August 21, 2018
Mister Twister Electric Fillet Knife Review

One thing that we have learned from doing many product reviews is that when it comes to fishing and the great outdoors, most would rather spend more time actually fishing then cleaning the goods that they have caught. This is a product name that was introduced 30 years ago, and has a reputation for being designed by those that know quite a bit about fishing. Let’s get started with our Mister Twister Electric Fillet Knife Review.



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The most important part of a durable and fitting knife is the motor, and this product has one that can get you cleaning an entire stack of fish within just a few short minutes. For the pretty low price point, one great feature of this product is that the heads move at 2,800 to 3,2000 revolutions per minute, and does claim to be the “World’s fastest fish scaler”.


Here are just a few of the features that you can take into consideration when thinking about buying this model, and deciding if it is perfect for you to add to your vacation assortment in the canoe or outrigger.


  • Very sharp blade for a quick and easy job
  • Convenient and quick blade release
  • You get the bonus of an ex-scaler knife along with it for free
  • Lightweight handle provides the ultimate in control and ease of use
  • Power source is 120 V AC


This knife is ideal enough for certain materials that it can even cut foam, and it seems a bit unconventional, but many packers and folks who run shipping businesses from home would deem this a worthy quality. For what many people may think is a bit of a “gimmick brand”, or something that may not be reliable when you really need it to be, this knife has pretty good reviews all-around.


Many who have taken this one on a tried-and-true test drive have claimed that the way in which it cuts very close to the bone is perfect, and that since purchasing it they have wanted to eat way more fish then ever before.


Occasionally you can find a review or two that states that after only a few cleanings the knife would not anymore perform its duties very well, and we do understand that with any product you deal with this can happen. When things are assembled in mass, that is what keeps the cost to the consumer down, and for all of those who thought they received a very defective item, some have had this one last years.


This is also a great piece to use to cut the bellies out of fish for flounder bait before you get started with the cleaning, and you feel the blade come right down to the spine when it’s time to stop a diagonal cut. After the main substance is skinned, scaled, and ready to go, it’s pretty easy to quickly cut off any other remaining extras if you miss them the first time around.


Just watching videos on You Tube you can see how fast this electric fillet knife works, and after using it you will wonder why anyone ever wanted to do this job without electric power. Once the fish is de-boned, it’s ready to cook, and many think that the Mister Twister is way more worth it than other electric knives that are right around the same price.


We know that a lot of the products that seem like they were concocted for very late-night infomercials can leave consumers leery about their actual face value and quality, but this one really seems to make the cut. It seems to be the favorite of many master anglers and others who know the ways of the river well, and for this reason, we here at the Starvefood Blog deem it way more than worthy for your kitchen or carry-on that’s bound for Alaska.

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