Italian Gift Baskets

Shop for authentic Italian gift baskets for friends, family, or yourself at Nonna Box. Here at Nonna Box we have the perfect gift baskets for everyone, men or women, young or old, from all walks of life. After all, who doesn’t love food? Right?

And instead of the usual accessories, gadgets, or other typical presents, our Italian gift baskets are filled with carefully curated authentic Italian gourmet items straight from the featured Italian region. And yes, all of them really are imported from Italy, and more specifically from each featured Italian region. Each box holds not only six gourmet items than have been handpicked by our culinary experts, but also well-written information cards that give you the important culinary highlights and cultural significance of each item. On top of that, it also has a lovely story of a local nonna from the featured region, which recounts fond memories in the kitchen, or of Italian food in general, as well as local customs. And let’s not forget the most important part, aside from the food items, of course, each featured nonna also shares some of her favorite family recipes! So you know what to do with all those delicious gourmet ingredients.

Indeed, Nonna Box brings you the perfect culinary adventure to experience beautiful Italy through your palate. And since our Italian gift baskets contain only the best authentic gourmet food products, you can be certain that they would really make delicious Italian dishes.

Try it for yourself! Get our one-time italian gift box and get to experience the epicurean wonders of bella Italia!

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