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What is a Milk Frother?

As of late, many culinary connoisseurs are raving about homemade coffee and coffee frothers. Just like art, crafts, and other items that people may choose to give as gifts, having company over and offering them this type of blend has become a large trend, and everyone loves a cup of coffee that is aromatic, strong, and very unique.

What the best milk frother does is aerates the milk in the coffee by agitating it quickly, and this is what introduces more air into the mixing process. Then, bubbles foam on top which creates a light or thick texture, and this affects the flavor of the coffee positively.

Many proper cappuccinos and lattes require this microfoam made by an electric milk frother, which has a delightfully sweet and rich taste. If the foam has a thicker consistency, the taste can become a little dry, and if you can actually see the foam on the frothed milk, it was not prepared with one of these best milk frothers here.

When the tip is at just the right depth, the milk is converted to microfoam, and then the milk is heated. As the liquid turns to foam, the milk’s volume increases, called stretching. Usually the milk is heated at around 70 degrees, which is right below the curdling point for protein. If the milk suddenly increases in it’s volume, it has gotten too hot.

The Best Milk Frother

As people who love reliable and durable products demand precision and more options, this year of 2016 definitely delivers. You can use this guide to aide you in purchasing the tool that is greatly enhancing their coffee, chocolate, and many other beverages to the standard they enjoy.

Baristas tell us that when they are working on the job, this is an art that takes some time to perfect, and doesn’t just happen overnight.

When you purchase a milk frother for the home, you’ll be able to practice on your own, and in no time you’ll be serving up beverages with the distinct flavor you can get at home with your best milk frother that tastes just like your favorite city shop’s offerings.

Choosing Your Milk For the Automatic Milk Frother

Just like any other topic in the culinary realm, this one has had much, much debate! The milk with a higher fat content is going to ultimately taste sweeter after its been frothed, and the fresher the milk you select will be the better.

There are all sorts of milk brands that are already flavored such as almond, and if these are your favorite in your daily drinking, keep in mind that you may want a neutral flavor most of the time, but the preference is going to be up to you.

As you can see in this video, whole and skim milk tend to make the most consistent froth, while 2% and 1% are runner-up. Soy milk does finish last, and it can froth, but finishes a bit too quick to rank higher.

We are going to show you 7 of the best milk frothers of 2016, so you can make your own choice about which one you want to add in your kitchen.

Whichever one you choose, once you add one of these to your home, you are really going to enjoy the added touch it gives to your favorites. Just around two decades ago, it seemed like there were hardly any options for making killer home coffee, and it was quirky to even have instant flavors such as chai.

Now, there are so many options that tons of coffee aficionados are getting on board, and enjoying the brunt of brewing options available to them this year. Here are some that we thought stuck out.

The HIC Stainless Steel Milk Frother

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Starting out our list of the best milk frother is the HIC Stainless.

This unit offers a 14-ounce capacity, and the froth is created in around 30 seconds. It is simple in appearance and durable, and the Stainless Steel construction makes it strong in the battle against general corrosion. The very top has a plunger, and it only takes around 15 seconds to delightfully churn out cream or froth.

It can hold up to two cups of milk, and can be used for lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, whipped cream, and mochas. This frother is dishwasher safe, but is better to be washed with a soft, damp cloth and by rinsing very gently.

More than 75% of Amazon milk frother reviews have enjoyed this unit and ranked it very highly. The pump handle makes for long lasting use without breaking, and there are no batteries, motor, or moving parts, just simple maintenance as it does not breakdown.

There is a dishwasher-safe stainless steel pitcher, it has a very non-stick interior, and the outer surfaces are fingerprint resistant. This is going to seem like a very “analog” or old-school device minus the power, but could be just right for many kitchens.

The Capresso frothPRO Milk Frother

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This is a little number that almost looks like a “travel unit”, and is set up with two frothing and one heating disk, and has three temperature settings for optimum brewing and applications. There is a stay cool handle and see-through lid, and the price range is definitely in the pleasantly low area for those looking to add that tasty layer of froth to the beverage.

It produces very professional and quality results with just the quick touch of a button, and is also a great gift for a hot chocolate lover. For safety, there is an auto shut-off feature, and a storage compartment in the bottom that holds the two frothing discs.

You can use it it just heat the milk without frothing, with just a separate button. It may not get as piping hot as some users would like, but may suit you. There were a few reviewers who reported a defect when this device stopped “Spinning” a few weeks into operation, but we think it is still a solid choice, very space-efficient, and it is fairly easy to get replacement parts for.

Some have also complained that the power cord is a bit short, but the three-temperature setting is a prime draw, and coffee bean fanatics worldwide are loving using it.

Ikea Milk Frother in Silver

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The Best Milk Frothers Shopping-Guide  

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Ikea is another brand that makes a great milk frother.

This is a tiny little handheld number that is battery powered, and froths milk in 15-20 seconds. You can prepare both hot and cold milk with it, and it runs on 2 aa batteries. It looks like a champagne flute, and is probably one of the least expensive frothers on the market right now. Users say that it does work with almond milk, and produces a good foam.

With some types of milk you may want to warm them in the microwave before for about a minute and a half, then use this to finish the job and create the froth.

Reviewers were very surprised at what they get for the money. Even though this frother is so cheap, it really does work, and it’s low price point is simply due to the fact that it is battery operated and can efficiently froth around 2-3 ounces of milk at a time.

Once you are beginning, move the frother up and down, and it will help the end result in taste, appearance, and quality. Even though some of the top chefs and true foodies of the world may not dream of using this, some may want to think again; for the price, it does get the job done, and you can simply double up on them to have larger amounts of milk frothed!

Breville Milk Café Electric Frother


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This is an easy-to-use handheld milk frother that is a bit higher in price range, but is also fully automatic, and you can froth your favorite beverage without even using your hands. There are cold stir settings that froth milk without heating, and included to dishwasher-safe attachments that you can use for latte and cappuccino.

The removable lit has an opening for adding delicious mix-ins like shaved chocolate, and has an on board magnetic disc storage. The compact design is very handy, and this is where you begin to get into the upper-end of what’s available out there for milk heater and frothers.

Many reviewers claimed that it is absolutely perfect, and it is very quiet while doing its quick job. It is said to be very easy to clean, and one of the only cons that users don’t enjoy is that some say it is not really that durable.

However, this is one machine that is said to truly perform just like some that cost hundreds of dollars more. Many others on a very elite review board claimed that they were still using it daily after two years, and as long as you follow the steps to the T, the results will be great with this milk steamer frother.

Nespresso Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother

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We couldn’t make a best milk frother list without including the Nespresso.

This is a great choice for a frothing machine that appears a bit like a Keurig regular coffee maker, and you just simply pour the milk into a pitcher and press a button. Then the machine delivers a rich, creamy topping for your coffee beverage of choice. You can also use the Aeroccino Plus to heat milk for cafe au lait or hot chocolate, and the machine has auto shut-down when the job is done.

With stainless steel and plastic construction, this is a great additive to your kitchen in the middle of the price spectrum. To properly care for this unit you simply hand-wash it, and wipe the base clean with a damp cloth.

Reviewers say they are incredibly satisfied with this model, and many have been using it daily for years successfully. To assure that this device doesn’t burn out quickly, make sure that you don’t always leave it plugged in, and it should last for quite some time.

Those who have purchased this one are happy that they were able to truly make cups of coffee very special, and it is one of those items that will remain a fixture on your kitchen shelf for awhile.

Jura Automatic Milk Frother

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This is one of the best electric frothers that generates a nice foam, and can be used to prepare warm or hot milk, milk foam for making lattes, cappuccinos, chai tea lattes or hot chocolate. It even prepares cold milk foam for chillier drinks, like delicious fruit shakes, cold chocolate, frappes, or coffees.

Just like many others, there is a very handy Auto-stop function, and the very easy-to-clean pitcher can be soaked in water and rinsed out without much hassle. Some have complained about the Made-In-China element, and we’d have to deem overall that a brand such as Breville makes a product that is far superior in quality.

Nonetheless, you get a powered unit that does its job; they just don’t have quite as much of a namesake or buzz around their brand yet.

Secura Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Warmer



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This is a great addition to our list reviewing the best milk frother.

This is the smaller version from the widely-known brand that offers larger models of top milk frothers if the need to go big strikes you when it’s time for your daily dose of perk. This one is made from a stainless-steel exterior with vacuum insulation, and a detachable base.

You can use it for Hot and cold milk froth for cappuccinos, and it’s great for preparing hot milk for lattes and the like. Many have complained that electric milk frothers just aren’t big enough, and this is the one that redefines size in the frothing market, while satisfying those who are coveting bigger devices for their regimen.

The minimum and maximum level indicators will save you the trouble of having to judge just by looking how much milk you’re pouring in, which is very important when you’re frothing. If you are frothing milk instead of just heating it, you can end up with an overflow quickly when you don’t keep track of this.

Since the base is detachable, you don’t have to unplug the electric milk frother every time you want to pour a new beverage, and it comes with a two-year warranty to boot. An average of around 60% of reviewers give this a 4-star rating, and many users report using this one for multiple years without any problems.

Overall, this is one of the coffee milk frother models that folks covet if they want to go with quantity, and it seems to measure up to its frothing duties quite well.

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