The Story of Your Nonna Box

  • by Guido Pedrelli May 13, 2016
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  • Last Updated on April 26, 2019
Each month, your Nonna Box arrives with its delicious and story-filled products ready to transport you to Italy via your kitchen. It’s a seamless and tasty experience, and yet so many stars must align before you ever receive your box.

Indeed, a couple months ago I struggled to snag the last imported batch of pizzoccheri anywhere in the US. A month later I was waffling over whether I should take a chance on a scarce supply of some of Italy’s best chocolate (if you got the Liguria box, then you know I took the gamble and that it was sooo worth it). This last month, for the Tuscan box, I even had to mix up the marmalade flavors in order to deliver one of the region’s top jams.

You see, every month we scramble to find the featured Italian region’s very best traditional and artisanal products. And it’s a challenging endeavor because these delicacies aren’t mass-produced, and therefore aren’t easy to acquire stateside, and can often be difficult just to get in Italy.

What does this mean for your box? Well, apart from the fact that some months we may use two different — but equally impressive! — versions of similar products, what it will always mean is that your box is filled with nothing but very carefully selected, hard-to-come-by, and top-notch Italian goods.

It is my hope, then, that you can taste the thoughtfulness that goes into your box’s items, from their history to their present-day production, their careful selection, and ultimately their amazing flavors.

A presto,

Guido Pedrelli

Founder | Nonna Box


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