One last taste of your Tuscan box

  • by Guido Pedrelli May 6, 2016
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  • Last Updated on April 27, 2019

We’ve been so busy gearing up for Mother’s Day that we’ve hardly spent enough time oohing and ahhing over the Tuscany box itself. With that in mind, let’s chat about the remaining two of six products in this month’s box.

First up is this herbed sea salt, a flavorful mix of Italian coarse sea salt, juniper, pink pepper, rosemary, bay leaves, and cinnamon. A great seasoning for just about any savory cooking endeavor, the blend is particularly perfect when used on the Tuscan T-bone steak specialty bistecca alla fiorentina.

On the sweeter side is this Chiaverini marmalade, a superstar brand of spread according to Tuscan popular opinion. Whether on toast or used to make a traditional pie-like crostata, there’s a lot to love about this jam made of seasonally harvested, local fruit.

Lost in an Italian culinary fantasy about these two products? Don’t forget that the Tuscan box also comes with four other products, including an aromatic batch of truffle pasta, classic biscotti-style cantucci, extra virgin olive oil,and a nutty and chocolaty Siena treat called panpepato. (Drool over them in more detail by visiting our blog.)

Back to Mother’s Day: While it’s too late now to order a Nonna Box for delivery by this Sunday, it is most definitely not too late to order the Tuscany box (something, BTW, that your mamma would be thrilled to receive anytime — hint, hint). That said, remember that supply of each of the box’s artisanal products is limited, so get your box while it’s hot!

A presto,
Guido Pedrelli

Founder | Nonna Box

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