Mister Twister SW Piranha Electric Knife Review

  • by Nonna Box August 25, 2018
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  • Last Updated on April 27, 2019
Mr Twister SW Piranha Electric Knife Review

Mister Twister SW Piranha Electric Knife Review


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We must admit we were very interested in a culinary tool that it named after a delightfully campy 1972 horror movie, and so we dove in and took a look right away. This electric knife has a 9′ blade that fillets fish pretty quickly with ease, and is designed with the much tougher skins and scales of freshwater fish in mind.

When you get out on the ocean, you really are in a different place altogether for fishing. The fish you are going after in saltwater tend to have less saline body fluids, as there is pressure in the ecosystem for water to move from sides with less saline to sides with more.

About the Piranha Electric Knife

The body tissues in saltwater fish contain less salt than the water that they live in, and they constantly lose water through their skin and gills. Varieties of salmon, perch and trout can live in both fresh and salt water, but the ones that you are going after will require a very high torque in the knife using to de-bone them.

Here are some of the best features about the Piranha, a tool that you’ll be excited to throw in the high-wave trawler as soon as your vacation starts.

  • It has a very durable expandable power cord
  • The heavy-duty stainless steel blade fillets large catches with ease
  • High torque and speed to properly deal with the skins and tough exterior of sea catch

Superior mechanics on this electric knife means that the cutting power will really make you glad that you are out on the Pacific looking for catch: the cutting surface is increased and engineered to make sure you can do an efficient job of getting ready to prepare your meal. Some reviewers claim that this is better than the Rapala, in that it will not overheat nearly as quickly.

“ideal for executing the very quick turns needed for very large fish”

The narrow blade on the Piranha makes it ideal for executing the very quick turns needed for very large fish such as spoonbill and over 30 lb catfish, and one hearty user was in fact happy that it took three years to render his Piranha model useless.

When the weather cools down and your extended family is on the way for Thanksgiving, don’t just think that this number was appropriate for your Florida trip only! It’s ideal for carving turkey, ham, and pot roast, and the motor is trusty and will be able to slog it out during long cutting jobs.

One Amazon reviewer claimed that their first model lasted for 15 years, but there may be a few cons within some models: there are always claims you can find on the web that the Piranha electric knife stopped working after one use. It really can’t be helped, and you just have to send it back, as the customer service for this brand does have high ratings.

Redfish, ground mullet, and founder are all types that will easily be prepared with the Piranha electric knife, and you can switch on over to barbecue mode and use it for brisket if you choose, just like many other electric fillet knives on the market. Some claim that the power is identical to the Mister Twister Electric knife, and so ultimately you may just have to pick which one is better for you, or even choose to use both.

Also a fitting gift for those who need to cut up a pig or boar before putting it on the roaster, it goes way beyond just the standard duties you’d imagine such as cleaning bass. Some who love the finer things in life and prepare things in the kitchen like fondue and Beef bourguignon may not think that they would ever want this around, but it’s not just for deep-sea fisherman: take it for a spin and see how happy you’ll be with its raw power and versatile accessibility.

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