“Passata” Pureed Tomatoes: Organic


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“Passata” Pureed Tomatoes: Organic

This bottle of Organic “Passata” Pureed Tomatoes is a delightful creation of San Nicola dei Miri. It is an artisanal product made with 100% all natural and organic ingredients. Its main ingredient are tomatoes from the Maria Sorrentino farm, which is near Mt. Vesuvius. This means their tomatoes grow in in rich fertile soil.

Now the word “passata” literally means “mashed” in Italian. It is a bit similar to tomato puree, only it is raw. And like tomato puree or tomato paste, it can be perfect for a variety of Italian dishes. Try it with any string or ribbon pasta. Or if you prefer, serve it with any of your favorite meat or vegetable dishes.

A must-have ingredient in any Italian pantry, order a bottle today!

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