Acacia Honey (Robinia del Canavese) by Michele Gaido

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This honey of Piedmont, Italy, Robinia del Canavese, also known as pseudo acacia, is very simple and direct. Smooth and light with a pleasant texture and subtle sweetness, this sun-kissed golden nectar has mild, almost ethereal floral notes.

Pseudo acacia blooms early April through May in the pristine environment of the Natural Park of Po in Piedmont. Bright white flowers filled with pale yellow pollen scent the air, attracting bees on their first forays of the season. The result is a crystal clear honey, with bright golden highlights and a fresh, delicate aroma.

Michele Gaido has been producing honeys in Piedmont since 1989. After the loss of his brother, he decided to leave his job as banker and dedicate himself completely to his passion: beekeping.

His deep knowledge of the territory and connections with small producers from the Natural Park of Po evolved into a new concept and profession. Il Miele della Vita – The Honey of Life – celebrates the connection between humans and products of the local beehives. Gaido believes this is the key component to adopting a healthier lifestyle. Good food has healing properties with benefits for both body and mind.

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1 review for Acacia Honey (Robinia del Canavese) by Michele Gaido

  1. Krisha

    If you are looking for a pure honey then this one is the perfect product you are looking for. I use it daily with lemon and water.

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