Italian Spreads

What makes Italian breads even more delicious? A slab of Italian spread on them, of course. Whether it is for making paninis, bruschettas, or just simple sandwiches, Italian spreads are your best bet. And not only that, you can get quite an array of spreads to choose from. From all kinds of creamy Italian cheeses, marmellata, chocolate, various nuts, and spreadable sausage meats, you can make all kinds of desserts, simple snacks, and easy meals with Italian spreads.

Doubtful about these delectable Italian spreads? Well, take creamy mascarpone, for instance. It is one of the main ingredients to tiramisu and cannoli. But aside from that, it can also be a great addition to fresh fruits and a plate of vegetable salad. Or perhaps as topping for pizza or toast. And it may even be a delicious addition to your creamy pasta sauce or soups.

Marmellata, on the other hand, can be great for crostatas or simple breakfast toasts. It can also be a great alternative filling for mini pies or stuffed pastries. So you need not worry about forgetting to buy fresh fruits around when baking your fruit pies. Of course, chocolate, hazelnut, or other nutty spreads would also be wonderful on any kind of Italian bread or pastry.

And if you’re planning to make crepes, you can make those doubly scrumptious by spreading some plain mascarpone, or perhaps with a bit of honey mixed in. Then, slice some peaches, bananas, or mangoes, put these on top the mascarpone with honey, roll the crepe, and add a dollop of mascarpone cream on the side. The perfect summer snack or as a yummy dessert after a nice dinner. Don’t you think?

Lastly, spreadable sausages can make great lunch sandwiches, especially if you got the munchies and you’re looking for hearty food that can be consumed on-the-go.

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