Fizzy Italian Soda: Bitter


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Bitter Fizzy Italian Soda

Looking to quench your thirst? Grab a bottle, or two, of this refreshing bitter fizzy Italian soda then.

This bitter soda is manufactured by Italian company J.Gasco, which is based in Torino. It is a perfectly unique blend of sweet and bitter flavors with a delectable hint of citrus. You can serve this Bitter Italian soda on its own. You can also serve it as an aperitivo and garnish it with an orange or lemon peel. Lastly, you can use it as an ingredient to delicious cocktails, particularly those with Vermouth or rum.

Made 100% in Italy, it is 100% natural, which means it has zero preservatives and no artificial coloring. Instead, its color comes from safflower and black carrot juice. This bitter fizzy Italian soda also has low sugar content.  So unlike most softdrinks or sodas out in the market today, it is certainly a much healthier choice. Don’t you think?

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