Radicchio Cream Sauce – Borella


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Radicchio Cream Sauce – Borella

One of the most popular vegetables of the Veneto region in a jar, what more could you ask for? This lovely Radicchio Cream Sauce is from Borella. It is one of the most intriguing sauces in the region and can be perfect for all types of pasta. Made with a colorfully vibrant leafy vegetable, this radicchio sauce can be great with not only pasta like spaghetti, but also other food such as toasts, Italian bread, or even panettone (Nonna Box founder Guido has certainly tried this one!).

Radicchio is a vegetable that looks a bit like cabbage and has a deep red color. It has been grown in the Veneto region since the 1400s and can be used in a variety of Italian dishes.

Grab a jar and try it now!

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