Foglie d’Oliva Olive Leaves by Marella: Organic


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Foglie d’Oliva Olive Leaves by Marella: Organic

A wonderful handmade pasta shape by the artisan pasta maker Marella, Foglie d’Oliva Olive Leaves has 100% natural ingredients. In fact, the vibrant green color is from bitter greens, spinach. Yep, it has the very vegetable that legendary sailor Popeye loves so much. So it does not only have a vibrant natual color, but it’s also quite nutirtious. In addition to that, the pasta doesn’t lose its color at all even when you cook it. And it has a delightfully delicious texture, too! Another culinary masterpiece, indeed. Don’t you agree?

Check out this wonderfully nutritious pasta masterpiece from Marella today!

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