Orange Blossom Water

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Orange Blossom Water

A traditional flavoring in Liguria, cooks and pastry chefs have been using orange blossom water in cooking and baking for centuries. As a matter of fact, it can be quite a lovely addition to a cup of nice warm tea. And this is not just any ordinary orange blossom water, too. This is a creation of one of the oldest and most respected confectionery in Genoa, Italy: Romanengo.

More than just a citrus-scented water, it can lend a perfectly lovely summer flavor to all kinds of pastries. Add a drop or two of it in your favorite pudding, scones, cookies, or meringues. You may also put it in your cake frostings or syrup for your pancakes or pound cakes.

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1 review for Orange Blossom Water

  1. Sandra

    This is my all-time partner whenever I make Orange loaves for my family.

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