Fig Nectar Preserve, Calabria


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Fig Nectar Preserve, Calabria

A delectable Fig Nectar Preserve, this jar of incredibly sweet stuff is from the brilliant artisans of Officine Cedri. Along with fresh figs grown in the arid lands of Southern Italy, it is made with sugar and natural flavorings. Yes, it has zero artificial preservatives.

This milder fig preserve still has intense flavors that makes it a great condiment for antipasti boards. In fact, one of its serving suggestions is to pair it with Parmigiano-Reggiano and sheep or goat cheeses. Aside from cheeses, it’s also perfect for delectably creamy panna cotta. Want to take a whack at preparing one of the yummiest antipasti platter? Then try adding a dollop of this Fig Nectar Preserve from Officine Cedri.

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