Italian Jams

Italian jams, commonly called marmellata in Italy, are usually eaten with bread, biscuits, all kinds of pastries, and sometimes even in baked meat dishes. Made from all kinds of citrus fruits and berries, Italian jams are perfect not only for breakfast with your coffee but also for brunch and afternoon tea. They can even make for some delicious impromptu dessert after dinner in the form of jam tarts, or crostata in Italian.
However, making Italian jams yourself for your crostata may require more time than you can spare, especially if you typically have a hectic schedule at school or at work. With a jar if ready-made marmellata, you can just pour the entire jar of Italian jam on your crostata dough, lay dough strips in a crosshatch pattern on top, and stuff it in the oven. And in half an hour, you have yourself some delicious crostata. Check out our Italian preserves below!

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