Carnaroli Rice “Gran Riserva” by Riso Buono: Bag


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Carnaroli Rice Gran Riserva by Riso Buono: Bag

This bag of Carnaroli Rice Gran Riserva is from the Riso Buono farm. It is one of the best rice grains for all your rice dishes, especially risotto. A medium grain rice, Carnaroli grains are a bit longer than Arborio rice and has a lower starch content. It also has a firmer grain, which is why it doesn’t easily break down and become mushy when overcooked.

Best for all kinds of risotto dishes, you can also use it for other traditional Italian rice dishes. If you love risotto, then you shouldn’t wait. Grab a bag of this Carnaroli rice from Riso Buono and get to cooking


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