Italian Gluten Free Pasta

Despite the prevalence of gluten in Italian cuisine (what with all the Italian bread and pasta recipes), there are also many gluten-free ingredients out in the market today, including Italian gluten free pasta. And gluten-free products are available in all kinds of pasta shapes, too, which Italian manufacturers guarantee are made in immaculately wheat-free facilities.
So you need not worry, in case you have an intolerance to gluten, have Celiac disease, or you just personally opted to go the healthier route and voluntarily remove wheat from your diet. You can still confidently enjoy that plate of spaghetti marinara or a hefty helping of authentic lasagna alla Bolognese with these Italian gluten free pasta products. Now check our selection of Italian gluten free pasta below, we can help you with selecting the best sauce to go with your pasta or you can look at our blog for some delicious recipes! Buon appetito.

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